Toro 60V Heavy-Duty Self-Propelled Lawn Mower

Toro 60V Heavy Duty Push Mower

Toro 60V Heavy Duty Self-Propelled Mower Meets Demands of Lawncare Pros

As more and more communities push toward battery-powered equipment for reduced noise and emissions, Toro continues gearing its 60V towards the needs of Pros to meet the challenge. The 60V heavy-duty self-propelled lawn mower comes specifically designed for the lawn and landscaping Pro. This battery-powered mower looks to deliver on the power, reliability, and quality needed for commercial use.

Toro on the 60V Heavy-Duty Self-Propelled Mower

We are excited about our investments in technology. By leveraging our 100 years of customer-focused product development, we are building an ecosystem of powerful commercial electric products. This 60V heavy-duty mower that cuts and performs as well as the gas cousins is just the start!

Mitch Hoffman, Marketing Manager at Toro


You can immediately tell that Toro designed the 60V heavy-duty self-propelled lawn mower for professional use. The huge steel guard bar gives it away. It also features a high-torque brushless motor that delivers a blade speed of up to 15,309 feet per minute at 2,800 RPM. Toro claims this power matches that of their gas models so you can get through jobs quickly.

Toro 60V Heavy Duty Push Mower

They achieve that power and tip speed by running the Toro 60V heavy-duty self-propelled lawn mower off a 60V 7.5Ah battery. That pack generates 405 watt-hours of power and runtime. You can check your charge levels from the onboard LED battery gauge. When the battery does deplete, you can easily swap it out for a fresh one. While the depleted battery charges back up to full in just 75 minutes—Pros likely have to look to multiple batteries to get them through the day. Do the math on gasoline and that might end up being a pretty decent investment.

Toro also delivers Pro-level cut quality by including the Recycler Cutting System on the 60V heavy-duty self-propelled lawn mower. This mower can tackle anything your throw at it, including long, wet grass. This system directs grass clippings deep into the turf to provide a just-bagged appearance without you actually having to bag up the clippings…though you do have that option. A wide opening and ramped tunnel profile make quick work of clipping disposal.

You can set your cut height anywhere between 1″ and 4.5″ in 1/2″ increments.

Durabilty and Build Quality

Rather than a plastic cutting deck found on many battery-powered mowers, the Toro 22282 features a 21″ aluminum alloy cutting deck. It can better stand up to the rigors of the job. More than that—you get the stiffness of a steel deck but without all the weight.

All around, the mower features large 9″ x 2″ co-polymer wheels with precision ball bearings. Not only do these wheels provide a smooth ride along the turf, but they distribute weight well enough that it doesn’t look like a stampede has taken place across the lawn.

We also noted Toro equipped the 60V heavy-duty self-propelled lawn mower with front spring arms in the wheels and a crankshaft protector. This protects the blade and wheels from impact when running over an unseen root, branch, or rock.


You can pick up the Toro 60V heavy-duty self-propelled lawn mower from any of the over 3,000 authorized Toro dealerships throughout the U.S. and Canada. It retails for $1,499 and comes with a two-year warranty. The battery comes with a one-year commercial warranty.

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