May 7, 2021

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Apex Tool Group Announces SATA Mechanics Tools to Enter US Market

Apex Tool Group Announces SATA Mechanics Tools to Enter US Market

Apex Tool Group Launches SATA Mechanics Tools on Amazon

Just when you thought the Apex Tool Group had enough US brands, they’re announcing that SATA mechanics tools are available. Seriously, though, can you ever really have enough tools???

When you look at the landscape of mechanics tools currently on the market, everyone is trying to hit a specific part of the market. There are high-quality, premium-priced options and low-quality, inexpensive tools along with everything in between.

SATA mechanics tools are aiming to hit the trifecta: quality build, innovative design, and value pricing. And they’re setting their sites on the online retail giant, Amazon, as their storefront.

Apex Tool Group Announces SATA Mechanics Tools to Enter US Market

There are a couple of major advantages to setting up shop on Amazon. First, it seems like everyone has an Amazon account these days, so it’s easy to get SATA mechanics tools in front of potential customers.

The great benefit for us as customers is Amazon Prime. If you’re a Prime member, many of these tools are available with next-day delivery. There’s a pretty good chance they’ll get to you before your tool truck rep can. Just sayin’.

Value Pricing, Deep Lineup

A quick look through SATA’s Amazon storefront reveals an impressively wide range of tools to choose from. It’s definitely not a brand that is focusing on just the basics.

That’s really not a surprise to us, though. Gearwrench is another Apex Tool Group brand and they’ve been operating in the US long enough to have a solid grasp of what mechanics in this country gravitate towards for both general tools and the niche specialty items.

Apex Tool Group Announces SATA Mechanics Tools to Enter US Market

In addition to SATA’s automotive focus, there are also plenty of hand tools that crossover into construction, MRO, and other service trades. In fact, parts of their lineup are specifically for non-automotive applications.

Just One Question

Hitting a completely different price point, the big question I have at the moment is how SATA tools compare to Gearwrench. We’ll have to wait until we get our hands on them to know for sure. At first glance, it looks like SATA is setting up to be one of the best combinations of price, quality, and depth available.

Have you used SATA tools? Tell us what you think in the comments below!



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I recently purchased the three piece 120 tooth ratchet set as I was curious about these tools, the quality and form fit function. Well they’re average I would say, I wasn’t impressed but not disappointed either. longevity will make me feel better but only time will tell and for now I’m satisfied with the the price/quality combination and I needed a set of close quarters ratchet because when you need it you need it, to late to order it then. The 1/2 drive ratchet has a very large head I was a bit surprised but the others seem average sized.… Read more »

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