Estwing Tactical Hammer and Black Eagle Axe

A few Estwing Tactical Hammers and Black Eagle Axes were smuggled out of the STAFDA show by secret envoy (OK, actually they just gave them to us to check out). They’re super light and include a side nail puller and a magnetic nail starter at the top of the 13 ounce milled or smooth face. A forged handle bears the Estwing name right on it and, like an Estwing hatchet, they’re really easy to swing. They are also completely black, so if you like the idea of a “tactical” style hammer instead of a framing hammer, this might just be it. Estwing also showed us a couple new Black Eagle Axes in both Tomahawk and double bit configurations. These were all black but you can still get them with Blue rubberized or leather handles, but what’s the fun in that? Made out of forged steel and completely bad-ass looking, we’re not exactly sure what we’d do with one but we know we want it.

Estwing Tactical Hammer and Black Eagle Axe Pricing

Price: $50 for the 13 oz. Ultra Lite Framer and $54 for the Tomahawk or Double Bit Axe. Visit the Estwing website for more info.

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