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Hilti TE 70 Combihammer ATC/AVR

Hilti’s newest generation of combihammers brings a focus on impressive performance combined with comfort and safety with the TE-70 ATC/AVR. The Hilti TE 70 combihammer already delivers best in class performance with its 1800 watt motor, giving it the power to chew through concrete, stone, and masonry. To improve comfort, the TE-70 has been upgraded to include Active Vibration Reduction (AVR) which drastically reduces the amount of vibration felt by the user. To make it safer, Active Torque Control (ATC) prevents tool twist in the even that the bit grabs.

Hilti knows the kind of conditions that professional contractors use tools like the Hilti TE 70 combihammer ATC/AVR in, and they are willing to back up the quality of the build with a lifetime service warranty. The first two years are completely cost free should an issue arise and there is a lifetime warranty to cover defects. Check out all the details on their website.

Other models of this combihammer include the  base model TE-70 combihammer, Active Vibration Reduction only (TE-70 AVR), and Active Torque Control only (TE-70 ATC). Unfortunately, only the Hilti TE-70 and Hilti TE-70 ATC are available right now, but the other models should be making their debut soon. Best prices seem to be direct from Hilti with the TE-70 running $1669 and the TE-70 ATC at $2139.

Hilti TE 70 Combihammer Specifications

  • Model: TE-70 ATC/AVR
  • Voltage/Wattage: 120V/1800 Watts
  • No Load RPM: 360
  • Hammering Frequency: 2760 impacts per minute
  • Single Impact Energy: 8.5 ft. pounds
  • Optimal Bit Diameter Range: 13/16″ – 1-9/16″
  • Max Chiseling Performance: 85 cubic inches per minute
  • Weight: 20.9 pounds


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