Ideal Vol-Con Elite Voltage/Continuity Tester

IDEAL Vol-Con Elite

The Ideal Vol-Con Elite Voltage/Continuity Tester combines attributes of a solenoid tester, such as a vibration mode and low impedance, with the safety capabilities and higher test accuracy of digital circuitry.

The Ideal Vol-Con Elite Voltage/Continuity Tester is designed for electrical contractors working in residential, commercial and industrial environments. Ideal claims it does not heat up during extended use and the digital circuitry eliminates the possibility of the tester creating a spike in the line – both common problems of solenoid testers.

The Vol-Con Elite will identify voltage up to 600VAC/220VDC or as low as 24VAC/6VDC. It incorporates a non-contact voltage sensor in its tip for identifying AC voltage from 40-600VAC. Other notable features include LED illumination, audible continuity, a cushion grip, and field replaceable silicone leads.

Ideal Vol-Con Elite Voltage/Continuity Tester Features

  • Digital circuitry
  • Non-contact voltage sensor tip
  • LED illuniation
  • Audible continuity
  • Cushion Grip
  • Field replaceable silicone leads

Ideal Vol-Con Elite Voltage/Continuity Tester Specifications

  • Model: Ideal 61-092
  • Identify voltage up to 600VAC/220VDC or as low as 24VAC/6VDC
  • Non-contact voltage sensor identifies AC voltage from 40-600VAC

Our Take

The Ideal Vol-Con Elite Voltage/Continuity Tester has actually been around for quite a while now. The vibration is a byproduct of the design process with the solenoid tester that adds a layer functionality. Simply enough, you can have the tester in your pocket so you have two hands free with to use the leads and the vibration lets you know when you come across AC current.

The Ideal Vol-Con Elite is a basic tester, covering both AC and DC voltage along with continuity. There are a couple of handy features built-in. The test leads are easily stored on either side of the unit and the slim profile fits easily in your hand and in your tool bag. It also includes a connection point on the top of the unit so you can hold the tester and both leads on a circuit easily with just two hands.

The Ideal 61–092 retails in the big box stores for around $80. Though slim and quite functional, there are other multimeters running around the same price point that will give you additional testing features. Still, this is a functional and well-designed meter for what it’s designed to do and there are plenty of Pros caring one of these in their bag currently.

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