Empire QR Code on Squares, New Torpedo Levels

Even if you’ve a roofing pro, at one point or another you’ll have to consult the manual. Problem is, nobody ever keeps it around. No worries, Empire Level laser etched a handy QR code on their new rafter square so all you need to do is take a snapshot of it with your smart phone and you’ve got the PDF right there. We tried it and it works great. Empire also released a couple of new levels, including an Empire 8.5″ Billet Aluminum Magnetic Torpedo Level and a 5.5″ Billet Torpedo Level with a new “No-Dog” feature. Both levels looks great, but the “No-Dog” feature of the 5.5″ Torpedo is innovative in that the level pinches and clamps onto the outer ring of a piece of conduit from within, ensuring that you don’t dogleg, or bend your pipe off-plane.

Editor’s Note: Check out the Empire True Blue levels.

Empire Level QR Codes Pricing

Price: $22 e2994 Rafter Square, $18 5.5″ “No-Dog” Torpedo Level, $26 8.5″ Magnetic Torpedo Level.

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Tom Andry on Facebook

If only more people knew what a QR code was. This is actually a pretty brilliant idea except that you need Internet access.

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