Werner AE2210 Energy Seal Aluminum Attic Ladder

Werner, the company that produced the highly regarded D6216-3 16′ extension ladder, announced their new Energy Seal Attic Ladder this week. It’s an aluminum attic ladder that includes a surrounding seal in order to reduce drafts, air leakage and wasted energy from the border and door composition at the attic entry point. By working with Owens Corning, Werner incorporated insulation right into the structure of an otherwise standard Werner aluminum attic ladder. The resulting product features the Owens Corning R-5 PINK insulation, within a 1″ thick door structure. Additionally, the aluminum attic ladder uses the aforementioned weather stripping around the frame to create a tight seal and eliminate roughly 60% of the air leakage when the door is closed. Werner is claiming that these improvements make the Energy Seal Attic Ladder five times more energy efficient than standard wood attic ladder doors.

Werner AE2210 Energy Seal Attic Ladder

The new AE2210 Energy Seal Attic Ladder may look familiar. If so, thats because it’s built upon the Werner AH2210 Aluminum Attic Ladder—a product we’re very familiar with. Key modifications include the use of a 6″ frame, the 1″ insulated door and the new air-locking design. The AE2210 also uses gas struts so it opens and closes smoothly. Non-marring feet and slip-resistant steps are also included.

The Energy Seal Attic Ladder is priced at around $199 and will be available at Home Depot and online at www.homedepot.com.

For more information visit www.werneratticladders.com.

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