Ryobi Tek4 RP4030 Professional Infrared Thermometer Review Test and Measurement Reviews

Ryobi RP4030 Infrared Thermometer Review

The Tek4 4V Professional Infrared Thermometer delivers a constant readout of temperatures ranging from below 0 to over twice the boiling point of water. We found that this tool is most accurate when you are less than 2 meters from your target, but the tool can also measure from quite a distance away. The key to using it correctly is to understand that it has a 10:1 spot-to-distance ratio, so the closer you are, the smaller your measurement sample and the less it will be affected by the surrounding air temperature. 10:- means that from 10 feet away you are measuring the average temperature over a square foot of area.


You can store up to 10 measurements and the Ryobi RP4030 infrared thermometer constantly stores the minimum and maximum readings per session. This is an incredibly handy tool, especially for air mechanical inspectors and installers. We took it to several locations and were able to correctly identify the cooling effect of a residential air conditioning system as well as check the integrity of several vent locations. It’s also a handy tool for quickly identifying areas of your home that are not energy efficient, such as “leaky” doors and windows that allow hot air to penetrate and which leak cold air conditioning outside. For professionals, this tool will pay for itself quickly since you’ll make good use of the rechargeable 4V battery. Those wanting additional temperature ranges or higher accuracy might want to look at a more expensive model, but at $70 it’s one of the lower priced models on the market. With its blend of features and performance we feel it’s a good buy.


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