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Toro Recycler with PowerReverse

Toro Recycler with PowerReverse

Toro recently introduced the 22-inch Toro Recycler with PowerReverse and Personal Pace operator controls, a walk-behind mower with a self-propel drive system that works in both forward and reverse. This new feature delivers power to the front wheels to help power the mower in reverse, while the rear wheels sense and adjust to the user’s preferred walking pace to power the mower forward. It’s all controlled with Personal Pace operator controls.

The mower also features a new Iso-Flex handle with a cushioned design that also flexes within a range to adjust and maneuver under low obstacles. Additionally, it’s equipped with Toro’s Recycler cutting system, which suspends and recuts clippings into fine mulch.

When homeowners want to collect clippings, they can switch from mulching to bagging by flipping the Bag-on-Demand quick-change lever. Other notable features include a powerful 159cc Toro engine and 11-inch high rear wheels.

“PoweReverse has a Personal Pace self-propel system that activates in both forward and reverse, so you have extra power to get in and out of challenging spots. This mower was designed with ‘human factors’ in mind to make mowing your lawn easier than ever before. It’s perfect for mowing in tight areas such as fence corners, under low tree limbs or decks, or around landscaping or playground equipment — any area in your yard that requires a lot of back-and-forth motion.”

– Wade Tollison, senior marketing manager at The Toro Company

Our Take

Now before you balk that you used to push a 300-pound lawn mower around in 95-degree weather and you turned out just fine, that it builds character, or that kids these days are too soft and should push a regular mower, pause to consider where we are. Everything is getting easier – even mowing our lawns. We’ve reached a point where machines are so good that manufacturers have to look for new ways to improve them, and Toro has come up the Toro Recycler with PowerReverse featuring Personal Pace controls right on the mower’s handle.

Toro Recycler with PowerReverse

Forward assist on push mowers has been available for years, but this really takes it to another level as it not only adds a reverse assist but also works dynamically to adjust to the user’s desired direction without additional input. It’s got comfort features like a flexible handle, quick switch between mulching and bagging, and large rear wheels to assist the user on bumpy ground. And how could you forget the Toro name on the 159cc engine, a name well-known in homeowner OPE circles?

We admit this might all seem a little indulgent – after all, just push the thing and get the job done, right? But let’s consider a couple things. First, what possible excuse could your kids use now to avoid mowing the lawn? Yes, they’ll find one, but it won’t be because the mower is too hard to use.

Aside from the added convenience, it grants us, think about what power assist like this might mean to us as we age… past middle-age. The Toro Recycler with PowerReverse might just help keep the yard looking good even when we’re a little – or a lot – past our prime.

Toro Recycler with PowerReverse Features

  • PowerReverse feature for assist in both forward and reverse
  • Personal Pace operator controls
  • Iso-Flex cushioned handle
  • Mulching or bagging on demand
  • 11-inch rear wheels

Toro Recycler with PowerReverse Specifications

  • Engine: 7.25 ft-lb Gross Torque Toro 159cc TXP OHV
  • Starter: Recoil
  • Self-propel: Personal Pace PoweReverse
  • Cutting Width: 22-inch / 56 cm
  • Deck Material: Steel
  • Height of Cut: 1.0- to 4.0-inch / 2.5 – 10 cm
  • Mulch, Rear Bag, Side Discharge: Standard
  • Wheel Height: Front 8-inch / 20.3 cm, Rear 11-inch / 28 cm
  • Washout Port: Standard
  • Handle Style: Iso-Flex Handle
  • Bag on Demand: Standard
  • Weight: 83 pounds / 37.7 kg
  • Toro Performance Warranty: 3-Year GTS Full & 2-Year Full
  • Price: $449

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I was looking to find more information on how well the power reverse actually works with this mower, but all this “review” actually does it talk about how the mower has it. This was probably the most useless and unhelpful review I have ever read. There is no discussion about the reliability of the the power reverse or any insight as to how sensitive it is. Nobody looks for a review to read about how convenient a function CAN be. We want to know how well it ACTUALLY functions!

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