Ryobi Duet FPR300 Power Paint System With Roller and Sprayer Painting Tool Reviews

Ryobi Duet FPR300 Power Paint System With Roller and Sprayer

The Ryobi Duet FPR300 Power Paint System Roller and Sprayer is a unique painting product and one that many home users will find handy to have in their arsenal. It provides an almost uncanny versatility in that you can use it as both a continuous roller and also as a finish sprayer. But it’s more than that. The system works such that two users can roll and do trim work simultaneously. I don’t know about you, but I always work with a partner when it comes to painting. It’s faster, and painting is more fun when you can both complain about the tedium.


Since two people can use power applicators from the same paint source, one person can be rolling while the other cuts in around doors, windows and in corners with the included sprayer. To use the system, you just slide a pre-mixed gallon of paint into place and put the lid in place. You can almost immediately get to work and the system will allow for continuous painting without refilling. The Ryobi FPR300 continually mixes and circulates paint for optimal consistency and flow and Ryobi’s FLUID Technology keeps fresh paint flowing back and forth between the paint source and applicators, so clogging is a non issue.

The DUET’s delivery system is robust enough to eliminate the need for dilution. This reduces both the setup time and the time between unpacking and beginning work. The other thing we really liked about this system was the minimized cleanup. Once the job is done, a reversible pump self-cleans the system quickly. This feature alone is worth its weight in gold. When it’s running clear, you’re done – and it will last a very long time.

Ryobi FPR300 Duet Paint System Includes

  • FPR300 DUET Power Paint System
  • Two applicator wands
  • Two 12 ft. fluid tubes
  • Finish sprayer
  • 3/8 in. x 9 in. roller
  • Corner cut-in pad
  • Cut-in pad
  • 12 ft. air hose
  • 1 gallon container
  • Paint container external feed roller
  • Owner’s manual


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Bobby Glenn

My wife bought a Ryobi fpr300 duet paint system for me on father’s day 2years ago. I never had a chance to use it until today. I open the box for the first time 5/9/15 to paint a room. I found one 12′ fluid tubes broken. When I picked up the second tube it broke in two places. What can RYOBI do to make this right.