Ridgid Press-In Branch Connector Kit Eliminates Welding

Ridgid Press-In Branch Connector Kit Eliminates Welding

Welding branch connections may be a thing of the past for plumbers, pipe fabricators, and MRO Pros thanks to the new Ridgid Press-In Branch Connector Kit. It’s a system that makes you quicker and possibly eliminates the number of onsite crewmen required.

10-Second Summary

  • Uses any standard Ridgid press tool
  • Drill guide ensures a straight hole saw cut
  • Vacuum adapter collects metal shavings
  • Viega Press-In Branch Fit Adapters create the connection
  • Creates 3/4″ branch connections on 1-1/2″ to 6″ black steel pipe
  • Price: $825

Ridgid Press-In Branch Connector System

The Ridgid Press-In Branch Connector Kit includes the hardware you need to turn your standard Ridgid press tool into a weld-free 3/4″ branch connection fabricator.

The process is pretty simple. A drill guide sets up on the pipe and ensures you drill straight in with a hole saw. On the side, there’s a vacuum port to collect the shavings so they don’t end up in your pipe.

Once the hole is complete, you’ll use a Viega Press-In Branch Fit Adapter and your press tool to complete the connection.

Not only is it simple, Ridgid tells us that you’ll get the work done up to significantly faster than welding. Without the need for a welder, there’s no need to task a crewmember to fire watch on industrial gas settings, making your team more time and cost efficient.

Kit Contents

  • Ridgid Press-In Branch Connector Kit Eliminates WeldingPress tool expander
  • Fitting position guides
  • Hole saw arbor
  • M27 hole saw
  • Drill guide
  • Vacuum adapter

Compatible Ridgid Press Tools

  • RP 340
  • RP 330
  • RP 320
  • CT-400

Pricing on the kit is $825 and you’ll need to provide your own drill and Ridgid press tool. However, it’s going to make your average plumber much more versatile without the need for welder training. That combined with the time savings makes for a pretty attractive package.

Check out a video of the process and see how the connection works here.



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