Truewerk T.5 Werkhoody Review

Truewerk T.5 Werkhoody: Full Coverage for Hot Weather

There comes a point in your life when you realize protecting yourself from UV rays is more important than working with your shirt off to stay cool. True, that might come at the same time that we’re drinking more six-packs than displaying one, but it’s still an important turning point. The Truewerk T.5 Werkhoody is one option that does a fine job of protecting your skin and keeping you cool.


  • Lightweight
  • UV protectant
  • Ridiculously comfortable


  • Construction isn’t as tough as thicker blends

Deciphering the Truewerk Code

So what’s up with the Truewerk T.5 Werkhoody? I mean, T.5, really?

The number code really does work. The higher the number, the more cold protection you the piece. T.5 gear dials in around the 90° mark, meaning this is hot weather workwear. Here’s the general breakdown:

  • T.5: 80° – 100°
  • T1: 60° – 100°
  • T2: 30° – 80°
  • T3: 0° – 50°
  • T4: -20° – 32°

Of course, there’s a wide range here and everyone has their own personal comfort level.

Truewerk T.5 Werkhoody Fit

Truewerk focuses on the “Industrial Athlete” – Pros that have a more athletic build than the stereotypical tradesman. That means they fit more like something you’d get from Nike than Carhartt. The fit guide pointed me towards Large and it’s a perfect fit for my 6’2″, 195-pound frame. The sleeve and overall lengths don’t fall short like they do on most of the workwear I try on.

Truewerk T.5 Werkhoody: Full Coverage for Hot Weather

In general, the sizing matches up with my typical shirt sizing (large) than my workwear sizing (medium). I normally have to get large for the length but have to deal with chest and stomach areas that are too loose.

The fit is solid for my type of build and the fit guide is dead on.


The Workhoody has a loose, breathable fit that looks more like a soccer or basketball warm-up shirt than workwear. Of course, there’s also a hood that you won’t see on that gear.

There are some differences between the shirt I received and the one currently on Truewerk’s website. There’s no clasp around the neck, which I didn’t find particularly useful on the first season T1.

Truewerk T.5 Werkhoody: Full Coverage for Hot Weather

The bigger change comes around the wrist and waist where the loose cuffs are replaced with a stretchy trim. These give a little hold in those areas so the sleeves don’t fall away and the waist doesn’t creep up when you’re reaching.

Wearing the Truewerk T.5 Werkhoody

I really like and still wear the original B1 Sun Hoodie and T2 Werkpants. As comfortable as it is, the T.5 takes it up another notch. The material is lightweight and the loose fit is very breathable. When you get to the point where you want long sleeves and possibly a hood for high UV days, it’s about as comfortable as you can hope for.

The hood fits pretty loose. It stretches a bit if you want to wear it over your hard hat, but I find it’s a bit more comfortable to wear under it.

Truewerk T.5 Werkhoody: Full Coverage for Hot Weather

The material is a soft, relatively thin polyester. It’s designed to resist picking when you rub against anything abrasive. However, it’s not armor, so it will damage if you’re rough on your outerwear.


At $44, the Truewerk T.5 Werkhoody is priced very competitively against similar athletic gear from Nike or Under Armour. It’s an unusual shirt in the world of construction workwear, so there’s not much direct competition. However, the price doesn’t seem out of line for a premium brand.

The Bottom Line

If you’re looking for an incredibly comfortable, long sleeve solution for UV protection, the Truewerk T.5 Werkhoody is a very fine option. Just keep in mind that it’s not going to hold up as long in environments where you’re constantly finding snags or rough material to rub against.

Truewerk T.5 Werkhoody Highlights

  • 100% polyester K115 WerkFacric is UPF 30+ rated to block more than 95% of UV rays
  • Engineered to resist picking around abrasive materials

Truewerk T.5 Werkhoody Specifications

  • Material: 100% polyester (except trim)
  • Sizes: Small (36″ – 38″ chest) to XXL (49″ – 52″ chest)
  • Colors: Viz Green, Wolf Grey, Black
  • Price: $44

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