Uncharted Supply Co First Aid Plus Kit

Uncharted Supply Co First Aid Plus Kit

The First Aid Plus Kit Has Everything You Need for First Aid and Survival

It’s hard to overstate the importance of first aid kits. In a pinch, they can quite literally be life savers and provide much-needed care in the cases of both small and large accidents. Uncharted Supply Co puts its First Aid Plus kit into the ring, outfitting it with several survival tools to help you in a bind. We’re looking at the kit’s contents and how it’s different than most run-of-the-mill first aid kits.

Uncharted Supply Co First Aid Plus: Overview

  • Acts as both a first-aid kit and a survival kit
  • 92 pieces
  • 100% waterproof case
  • Tear-away MOLLE backer
  • Airtight zipper
  • Labeled organization pouches

Uncharted Supply Co describes this kit as both a first-aid kit and a survival kit simultaneously. The company took its First Aid Pro kit and added survival-focused tools like a flashlight, a multi-tool, matches, duct tape, and more.

Here’s a list of the supplies included in this kit:

Uncharted First Aid Plus Kit contents

The addition of survival tools makes this kit more versatile and helps in a variety of applications. In total, the First Aid Plus kit contains 92 pieces. Its welded tarpaulin shell and airtight/watertight zipper also make the outer case 100% waterproof, so there’s no risk of losing any of the components if you get caught in bad weather.

Labeled nylon pouches inside the kit help organize the contents by injury and use. Plus, there’s an additional section that lets you store small personal items, like sunscreen and medications.

The case takes up very little room, and it’s lightweight at only 2.9 pounds. With a Velcro tear-away MOLLE backer, this kit can also strap onto backpacks, vehicles, and shelters for you to easily grab it when needed.

Uncharted Supply Co First Aid Plus Price

This first-aid kit retails for $129 and you can buy it directly from Uncharted Supply Co.

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