18V vs 20V Max Batteries Video: Clearing Up the Confusion

Everywhere we go, people tell us that 20V Max tools are more powerful than 18V tools. Our video addresses the 18V vs 20V Max debate. Can we settle it once and for all?

Well, no, actually. DeWalt was the biggest name to get this conversation (and confusion) rolling. That’s because they changed from the 18V designation on their Ni-Cad tools to 20V Max on Li-Ion to avoid confusing the two lines with each other. And the reality is DeWalt’s new lithium-ion tools are more powerful than their Ni-Cad models – but so are everyone else’s.

You’ll also see brands like Porter-Cable (also a Stanley Black & Decker brand with DeWalt) and Kobalt use this “Max” designation while other brands are content to stick with 18V. Then the whole thing gets turned on its head because everyone uses the 12V designation for their compact tool lines when 12V Max is the appropriate term.

One of the most curious findings in our 18V vs 20V max video has to do with how other countries handle the debate. Turn around to look at Europe and you’ll see a completely different set of rules and labels on the same exact tools. So to muddle through all this confusion, Clint DeBoer and I walk you through what all these numbers mean and help you understand how these battery packs are the same – and different in some cases.

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