Werner Aero Extension Ladder with BoxLok

The Werner Aero Extension Ladder Aims To Take Safety To The Next Level With BoxLok Technology

When you’re working at height, having confidence in your ladder is a must. It eases your mind and helps you focus on the job at hand. Werner wants to make ladder confidence more commonplace with its Aero extension ladder. Find out how its BoxLok technology can benefit you the next time you take the climb up.

Werner Aero Extension Ladder With BoxLok: The Big Deal

The Werner Aero has some notable safety features that make it stand out from other ladders on the market. It’s a Type 1AA ladder that supports 375 lbs, including the user and their equipment, yet it’s 25% lighter than standard ladders with the same weight rating.

This ladder incorporates a BoxLok design, which uses interlocking box rails as opposed to the C-channel design present in many extension ladders. This means that while you need less material to build the ladder, it’s structurally reinforced, making it both lightweight and durable. This design also means you can expect a reduction in deflection, twist, sway, and bounce.

  • 16-Foot: 31.3 pounds
  • 20-Foot: 42 pounds
  • 24-Foot: 43.6 pounds
  • 28-Foot: 54.1 pounds
  • 32-Foot: 64.1 pounds

Dialing things in for the telecom industry, the ladder has an available factory-installed cable hook with a rubberized V-Rung (10-inch max diameter) or a strand grab. It’s also compatible with Werner’s Ladder WalkThru extension.

Additional Features

  • Weather-resistant
  • High-visibility green rails
  • Non-marring traction caps
  • Slip-resistant Traction-Tred tri rungs
  • 19-inch clear width
  • Open and close without external brackets
  • Non-conductive fiberglass rails
  • Built-in bubble level to check for even ladder footing

Werner Aero Extension Ladder With BoxLok Price

The ladder is available in various sizes and the prices range from $649 to $1,049 depending on the size and model.

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