Who Owns Flex Power Tools?

Flex Stacked Lithium Pouch Cell Batteries

Flex Power Tools Is An Emerging Brand For Pros With A Rich History

Who owns Flex Power Tools? The Chervon Group (not to be confused with the energy company, Chevron) is the owner of Flex Power Tools.

Who Is The Chervon Group?

Chervon is a global manufacturer out of China and its North American operations are based in Naperville, Illinois. While we don’t have an exact number, internet sources suggest it employs roughly 200 people in North America.

Chervon’s vision statement is:

“Better Tools. Better World.”

Its mission statement is:

“Providing superior products to users worldwide through continuous innovation, we are determined to become a global leader in power tools and outdoor power equipment in the lithium-ion, intelligent and digital era.”

In 2021, Cervon reported more than $1.7 billion in revenue with a profit of just under $150 million. Both represent significant increases over the previous three years and a trend of increasing sales and profit.

Today, Chervon owns several well-known tool brands in North America, including Flex, EGO, and Skil/Skilsaw. They also manufacture power tools for other brands.

Based on our experience with each of these brands, we find they offer excellent quality and typically outperform competitor products at the same price point.

Chervon’s History of Owning Flex Power Tools

Flex as a power tool brand has been around for far longer than the 24V professional-grade tools you can buy at Lowe’s and other select manufacturers.

Flex tools with the red color scheme are the same brand and have been well-known in the automotive industry, in particular. It made its first appearance in 1922 in Germany—100 years ago as we’re writing this! Among its many innovations, Flex developed the world’s first handheld grinder with a flexible shaft back in 1954.

In 2013, the Chervon group acquired Flex.

Over the past several years, Chervon has used Flex’s reputation for high-quality engineering and manufacturing to expand it into a more far-reaching 24V cordless system targeting professional contractors across multiple trades.

Just in the past two years, we’ve seen Flex redefine the limits of core tools, such as the hammer drill. We’ve seen the development of Stacked Lithium pouch cell batteries in higher capacity batteries than anyone has. With each new launch, we consistently see technology, innovation, and design that attacks specific pain points or limits contractors find with other tools.

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