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World’s Worst Tiling Jobs You’ve Ever Seen

Not too long ago we took a look at some of the worst grouting and caulking jobs we’d seen. Now, we topped even that list in terms of atrociousness and utter devastation of both technique and character. These have to be the world’s worst tiling jobs we’ve ever seen. When you see something crazy…you just have to share it!


Don’t Repeat These World’s Worst Tiling Jobs

Everybody’s seen them. Tile jobs that went wrong. If ever there’s evidence of needing to hire a professional, it’s those times when we walk into a restaurant bathroom or public facility and gaze upon the destruction of a tile job obviously undertaken by a staffer or otherwise unqualified individual.

We’re not saying that Joe Schmo shouldn’t try to take on a small tile job. However, if you don’t have the required skills, a discerning eye, or just a sense of personal pride—you’re better off hiring a Pro to do it for you.

Without further ado, here are the world’s worst tiling jobs you’ve ever seen (and our obligatory running commentary of sarcasm):

#10 Don’t Drink and Tile

Maybe you should wait until after work to have that beer. Seriously, if you can’t make a straight line you might want to get some help, or a laser layout tool… or something. This tile job looks more like an M.C. Escher painting… and that’s before you consider the dirt and grime. While we might blame the drywall guy—take a closer look at the floor tile. No one gets to claim innocence in this restaurant bathroom.

straight lines matter

#9 Just Add More Grout!

Layout is everything, but when you come to a wall and there’s no way you’re going to add that sliver of tile you can always just add a ton more grout…Right? What’s not pictured here is the wrap-around portion just off to the right where the grout is literally 1″ wide. I guess since it’s black they figured no one would notice? Plan your tile before you lay it and you can avoid the “tile sliver” dilemma.

ugly corner mess

#8 It’s Straight If You Lean a Little

This beauty may not be a tile fiasco, but it was hilarious to see that somebody thought they’d just go a little diagonal on the urinal plumbing rather than deal with getting a proper fit. Every time I go to the bathroom in this place I feel like I’m listing ever so slightly to the left.

Tile Job

#7 A Little Bump Won’t Be Noticed, Right?

This little bump may seem like nothing, but in a sea of tile, it sticks out like the proverbial sore thumb. With the proliferation of multi-tools on the market (and every tile guy should have one these days), there’s no reason you can’t grind your way to a flat surface. Many of the worst tiling jobs come down to not taking the time to prepare.

Tile Job 7

#6 Just Slap Some Caulk on There

We’re not sure what was being thought of here, but the bottom line is that it looks like the solution was a lazy, thick line of white Alex caulk. It’s not the worst thing we’ve seen, but it sure isn’t pretty. There are sanded caulks on the market. They will cost a bit more, but assuming you can charge the client, there’s no reason not to at least attempt to blend in better with the existing grout.

slap some caulk in the corner

#5 Color Schmolor, this Worst Tiling Job is Close Enough

It’s hard to see here due to the nature of Yellow and cameras, but the replacement tile is a pale yellow as opposed to the brighter original color. Before we talk about the fact that replacement tile never really matches—look at the rest of the job. Note the poorly planned layout which resulted in two thin pieces of tile at the corner… and the bumpy replacement job… and the cracked tile… Some of the worst tiling jobs simply come down to bad planning and choices.

color mismatch

#4 Grout Sponge? Never Heard of It

A sloppy job removing excess grout will leave streaks like this on corners. If you don’t get all the way in there, you don’t remove the excess. That leaves you with residual grout that is harder to remove down the line. If you notice, this was a re-grout, so we can’t blame the original installer. Whereas we’re thankful they went with grout over caulk, finishing the job properly would have been better. Instead, we get a good decision followed by poor execution.

Tile Job 4

#3 Plan Your Tile, Then Lay It

When you don’t plan your tile you end up with odd results. Here you can almost see the gears turning. Likely, the tile guy got to the corner and realized he’d be laying split tile down the entire inside corner of the door. Who wants to do that? So, at the top of the door, you’re left with a dilemma. His solution? Create a very odd-shaped L-tile, which he apparently broke, rather than cutting out the corner notch with a diamond blade.

Plan your layout and always carry a 4-inch angle grinder with a diamond blade.

poor tile layout planning

#2 Wrap Around Pet Peeve

We hate tile that lines up but doesn’t take the extra step to continue the pattern around the wall. It just comes across as lazy, though some will argue they do it on purpose. When you get to a corner, you should continue the tile where it runs out. That way you get a nice wrap-around effect rather than an “I started over at each corner” look. It will involve more cuts, but that’s just the job.

Tile Job 2

#1 Ah, Just Slap It In There

This worst tiling jobs example lives at the local baseball field where the minor leagues play and the majors hold their Spring training. Apparently some tile fell out—possibly from mold or humidity—who knows. To some maintenance guy the solution was simple: use Liquid Nails to secure the new tile to the wall!


Yes, of course, why bother fixing it when you can just slap on some glue and affix said tile to the wall. I mean, this time they’ll at least stay! And while you’re at it, don’t bother making sure the tile is smooth, or even bothering with pesky grout. Grout is for sissies.

Tile Job 1

Hope you enjoyed our little tile article… And if you’re a tile guy, please feel free to contact us and let us know of any horror stories you might have encountered. We know you’re looking!

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Jerry White

They all look like commercial jobs to me, and we all know the majority of commercial jobs look like shit.

Rob Ifflander

looks like every tile job i’ve ever seen in Spain