Wurth Zebra T-Handle Socket Head Screwdriver Set Review 061391205

Wurth Zebra T-Handle Socket Head Screwdrivers

Auto mechanics know the value of a decent T-handle screwdriver set. We typically have them in Allen and Torx head styles. If you’re looking to get the same control in a smaller-sized nutdriver, however, something like the Wurth Zebra T-Handle Socket Head Screwdriver set works well. We used these drivers in a variety of applications to get a feel for how these tools performed.

Wurth Zebra T-Handle Socket Head Screwdriver Set Overview

Without belaboring the point, T-handle screwdrivers offer the control of a manual driver while letting you more easily apply torque. It also does this with less stress on your palm or hand. Provided the handle carries an ergonomic shape, a good set of T-handle screwdrivers can come in handy.

The Wurth Zebra T-Handle Socket Head Screwdriver Set retails for about $67. You can get drivers like this for less. However, you should get a lifetime out of a good T-handle socket head screwdriver—so why skimp? Our self-appointed job was to determine if this set came out as a good value.

ergonomic T-handle
The handles are indeed ergonomic and feel comfortable to use—letting you apply plenty of torque when needed.

These drivers feature a nice integrated rubberized overmold that delivers excellent grip and comfort. In this way, they identically match the Zebra T-handle Torx drivers we already reviewed. At the same time, the ends of the T-handles remain plastic and stand up to being tossed in a drawer, dropped, or otherwise used without much caution.

Zebra T-Handle Socket Screwdrivers

The 5-piece set (part 061391205) includes 6mm, 7mm, 8mm, 10mm, and 13mm sizes. This is one 10mm you have a fighting chance to keep around for the long haul! That might be worth the price of admission right there.

Wurth Zebra T-Handle Socket Head Screwdriver Set Review 061391205
You get several common sizes including the illustrious 10mm which—for once—you aren’t likely to lose any time soon…

Using the Zebra T-Handle Socket Screwdrivers

We used the Zebra T-handle socket drivers to tighten down the terminals on a battery in a 2015 Ford F-150. Easy-peasy. Just ignore the cable spaghetti…it’s still in progress.

socket driver battery terminal

The Wurth Zebra T-handle socket head screwdrivers work equally well on things like hose clamps—provided you have access. It works extremely well when removing license plates. I can’t tell you how often those hex screws end up rusting out and freezing up. The T-handle nut driver broke it free almost instantly—and didn’t hurt my hand in the process.

hose clamp tightening

Eventually, we wrapped up work on the vehicles and took a different approach. Needing to access a cable Internet box on the outside of the house, I reached for the 10mm T-handle socket driver instead of my standard nut driver.

Wurth Zebra T-Handle Socket Screwdriver

I can’t say I needed the additional torque, but it’s certainly easier to both loosen and tighten just about any bolt or hex screw. After a while, I simply started using these T-handle socket head drivers more frequently. They just make sense and I found the sizes easy to identify.

Final Thoughts

You can do any of these tasks with an inline socket driver or other solution. Still, the Wurth Zebra T-Handle Socket Head Screwdriver Set (061391205) delivers a great amount of comfortable torque. This set would make a great addition to any mechanics toolset. For the price, we find it easy to recommend.

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