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Alchemco TechCrete 2500 Concrete Waterproofing Agent

Spray-Apply 30+ Years of Waterproofing in One Application

Unlike surface treatments that sit on top of the surface of your concrete structure to form a protective layer, the Alchemco TechCrete 2500 Waterproofing Agent works from within to protect your concrete from the deteriorating effects of water.

10-Second Summary

  • Creates a barrier within the concrete structure
  • Penetrates into concrete to form a waterproof gel
  • Fills in cracks, pores, and capillaries up to 2mm
  • Protects even after new cracks form in concrete
  • Protects for the life of the structure
  • Biodegradeable, VOC-free, approved for use with potable water
  • Clear and colorless treatment won’t change the appearance of concrete
  • Warrantied for up to 30 years when applied by an Alchemco Certified Contractor


According to Peter Kesser, Alchemco Global Sales Director for Alchemco, water is almost always involved in the premature deterioration of concrete. The unique TechCrete 2500 formula works with water to continually reactivate waterproofing products inside the concrete. That is one of the features Alchemco feels makes TechCrete 2500 a truly unique product in the marketplace.

Traditional Waterproofing vs TechCrete 2500

Traditional waterproofing, like coatings or sealers, act as a top-coat solution. They sit on the surface of the concrete acting as a barrier to keep moisture from getting into the slab. This membrane of protection is subject to weather and traffic, eventually wearing off and leaving the concrete exposed after a few years. These solutions become compromised when new cracks form in the concrete.

In contrast, the Alchemco TechCrete 2500 Waterproofing Agent is a bio-based modified silicate solution that creates a barrier within the concrete against long-term water entry. It penetrates into the concrete to form a waterproofing gel. The TechCrete 2500 agent fills in cracks, pores, and capillaries to protect from the inside out. It resists surface wear and tear, and it seals future cracks over time (up to 2 mm) to provide protection for the life of the structure.

Alchemco TechCrete 2500

The Alchemco TechCrete 2500 also requires a one-time application, as opposed to having to reapply it every five or ten years like most waterproofing products. It is non-toxic, 100% trafficable, and tolerates various thermal stresses. It’s clear and colorless and won’t change the appearance of your concrete. And, because it’s completely biodegradable, VOC-free, and approved for use with drinking water, using the Alchemco TechCrete 2500 Waterproofing Agent helps protect the environment.



Alchemco claims that one TechCrete 2500 application lasts the entire design life of the concrete structure. It can qualify for either a 15-year or 30-year labor and material warranty when applied by an Alchemco Certified Contractor.

To learn more about Alchemco and the concrete and waterproofing solutions offered, visit the website by clicking here.

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