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Wurth 12-Point Double Box End Wrenches Extra Long

Wurth 12-Point PowerDriv Extra Long Double Box End Wrenches

I give the Wurth 12-point PowerDriv Extra Long Double Box End Wrenches high marks all around. They’re reliable, reasonably priced, slim, and simple. Generally, I find “simple” better for longer wrenches like these. I used them on several jobs, from replacing an alternator to accessing bolts in more remote engine compartment locations. Pros Long length […]

Wurth Zebra PowerDriv Metric Wrenches

Wurth Zebra PowerDriv Metric Wrenches

Going with the big-name competition, you can easily spend a multiple of the price tag of the excellent Wurth Zebra PowerDriv metric wrenches (071330140). So what’s the catch? While the competition offers a lifetime warranty—so does Wurth. With the Wurth Zebra tools lifetime warranty and lower cost, we searched to see if we could find […]

wearing Wurth dual LED light around neck

Wurth Hands-Free LED Dual Work Light

With 200 total lumens produced by two independently pivoting LEDs, I got a lot of use from the Wurth Hands-Free LED Dual Work Light (model 0827500073). This versatile headlamp alternative lets you wear it around the neck or head while offering a couple of distinct advantages. I used it in the shop for several weeks […]

Wurth Zebra T-handle ratchet screwdriver

Wurth Zebra T-Handle Ratchet Screwdriver Review

The Wurth Zebra T-Handle Ratchet Screwdriver offers the automotive Pro a wide range of color-coded bits and lots of control. I’ve used it extensively, especially for interior fasteners, and found that it remedies a couple of tool headaches and makes my work more efficient. We “T’d up” this tool in my automotive shop space where […]

Gearwrench Wing Light with Underhood Rack

Gearwrench Wing Light with Underhood Rack

The rechargeable 1000-lumen Gearwrench Wing Light with Underhood Rack beams out brilliant, clean light. Since it moves along the rack, there’s no area under the hood it can’t cover. The light also comes off the rack to become a flashlight or spotlight that uses a magnet to stick to other areas of a vehicle. I’ll […]

Review8.5(out of 10)
Metabo HPT 36V Cordless Impact Wrench

Metabo HPT 36V Cordless Impact Wrench Review

The Metabo HPT 36V cordless impact wrench is a cordless beast that packs a big punch and lets you ditch the air hose and compressor. It’s probably heavier than your pneumatic impact but you’ll barely notice with your newfound hose-less freedom. We tested the Metabo HPT WR36DBQ4 in the shop to see how it performed […]

Review8.8(out of 10)
Milwaukee M12 1/4-Inch Ratchet

Milwaukee M12 1/4-inch Ratchet Review

The concept of a socket for turning rods, bolts, or fasteners has existed since the middle ages. But the tool we’d recognize as a ratchet today didn’t exist until J.J. Richardson invented it in the 1860s. Since that time heads and sockets have become hexagonal, but the indexed ratchet has remained quite similar to its […]

Review8.8(out of 10)

Ingersoll Rand 35Max 1/2-Inch Impact Wrench

It seems like rarely a day goes by without improvements in car maintenance products and technology. After 30 years, I’ve been around this craft long enough to know that if you’re not trying to keep up with it all, you can quickly become a dinosaur. I learned early on to say yes to any request to […]

Review8.5(out of 10)
ACDelco ARI2060 lug nuts

ACDelco ARI2060 Impact Wrench Review 

In an auto shop like the one I work at, an impact wrench is a necessary tool. That may sound obvious, but with a necessary tool comes a bit of familiarity…and mechanics tend to be creatures of habit. Having worked on cars and trucks for over two decades, I know that some of the body […]