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Wurth Zebra Pass-Through Reversible Ratchet Set Review

Wurth Zebra Pass-Through Reversible Ratchet Set 07131300

The Wurth Zebra Pass-Through Reversible Ratchet Set (07131300) is a small metric set that makes for a nicely portable set for mobile mechanics. In the shop, it can get you out of a bind on long bolts and threaded rod where a normal socket would bottom out. Depending on the vehicle, that might show up on shocks, swaybars, and tight spaces under the hood.


  • Efficient way to work with long bolts and threaded rod
  • Compact set is great for roadside emergencies and mobile Pros that need to maximize storage space
  • Adapters can be used with any standard wrench
  • Slimmer profile than a regular ratchet and socket (when not using an adapter or extension)


  • No significant downsides


Wurth’s knack for useful, compact sets is on display with this pass-through ratchet and socket set. If you often work with long threaded rod, you’re a mobile Pro, or you’d just like a good set for emergencies, it’s hard to go wrong with this kit.

Wurth Zebra Pass-Through Reversible Ratchet Set

Just Passing Through

If your work is like mine, then your standard sockets are sufficient a vast majority of the time. But when those sockets bottom out, time seems to stand still until the tedious tightening or loosening is done. The Wurth Zebra Pass-Through Reversible Ratchet Set keeps you moving quickly in those bottom-out situations.

Wurth Pass-Through Ratchet

One thing to note—the nature of these sockets means they won’t fit in an impact wrench. Because of the pass-through design and low price, we do see the appeal of the Wurth Zebra Pass-Through Reversible Ratchet Set. It makes an excellent choice for the mobile mechanic or anyone wanting a small but high-quality emergency ratchet set.

What’s in the Box

You get a lot of functionality in a small package. There are ten metric sockets from 10- to 19mm, 1/4- and 3/8-inch adapters, and an extension. The Wurth Zebra Pass-Through Reversible Ratchet Set packs neatly in a small metal box convenient for transport and storage.

Wurth Zebra Pass-Through Reversible Ratchet Set

If don’t use one of the adapters or the extension, an unintended benefit of the pass-through design is a slimmer profile that a regular ratchet and socket. Otherwise, use it in places where a typical socket would bottom out: shocks or swaybars, for instance, depending on the vehicle.

Wurth Zebra Pass-through Ratchet Price

As with other hand tools, comparative pricing on similar tools seems exceptionally varied. You can find sets much less—and much more expensive—but not many brands include the lifetime warranty found on Wurth’s Zebra line.

The Wurth Zebra Pass-Through Reversible Ratchet Set runs around $87.

Wurth USA runs promotions, so be sure to check to see if this product is on special!

The Bottom Line

The Wurth Zebra Pass-Through Reversible Ratchet Set is an excellent option for mobile mechanics, roadside emergencies, and even getting you out of a bind in the shop when your regular socket bottoms out. Given its lifetime warranty, the price seems reasonable and performance leaves nothing to be desired.


  • Model: 07131300
  • Includes:
    • Ratchet
    • 10mm socket
    • 11mm socket
    • 12mm socket
    • 13mm socket
    • 14mm socket
    • 15mm socket
    • 16mm socket
    • 17mm socket
    • 18mm socket
    • 19mm socket
    • 1/4″ adapter
    • 3/8″ adapter
    • Extension
  • Metal storage case

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Tommy is right, this “Wurth” set is just rebranded Gearwrench. I’ve got a couple of the 1/4″ versions, I keep in my gloveboxes – nice enough tools, but nothing German about them…


That’s just a rebranded gear wrench set that I’m sure was rebranded even back then. I knew someone who had that same set branded gear wrench maybe 8-10 years ago.

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