Wurth 12-Point PowerDriv Extra Long Double Box End Wrenches

Wurth 12-Point Double Box End Wrenches Extra Long

I give the Wurth 12-point PowerDriv Extra Long Double Box End Wrenches high marks all around. They’re reliable, reasonably priced, slim, and simple. Generally, I find “simple” better for longer wrenches like these. I used them on several jobs, from replacing an alternator to accessing bolts in more remote engine compartment locations.


  • Long length offers lots of leverage
  • Reliable no-slip grip
  • 12-point design
  • Slim tools for getting into tight spaces
  • Easy to clean
  • Reasonably priced compared to tool truck brands


  • 12-points combined with the leverage of a long wrench offers less contact than a 6-point wrench


Wurth’s Extra Long Box Wrenches have proved to be a success around the shop – lots of leverage, a slim design, and 12-points allows you to connect with a fastener more easily. Some Pros might object that 12-points isn’t appropriate for the leverage of a long wrench, but I didn’t experience any slipping or rounding during the review. They’re easy to clean up and reasonably priced, too.

Wurth 12-Point PowerDriv Extra Long Double Box End Wrenches for Leverage

I think Wurth 12-Point PowerDriv Extra Long Double Box End Wrenches are fantastic. If that sounds like an overly-enthusiastic endorsement, consider that all my long wrenches to this point have been ratcheting. Apply all the leverage a long wrench offers to a ratchet and, after a while, there’s a good chance the ratchet will fail.

Wurth double box extra long wrench

When that happens, you’ll need to take stock of yourself because you will be bleeding from somewhere! But the Wurth 12-Point PowerDriv Extra Long Double Box End Wrenches aren’t ratcheting and therefore a safer way to give a tight faster a little extra encouragement. That what I meant when I said simple is better in this case.

Wurth 6-Point vs 12-Point Wrenches

Now, here’s where there needs to be a little nuance in the review. A 6-point wrench offers more surface area in contact with the fastener but, in tight, spaces, it might be a little trickier to get the wrench on the fastener in the first place.

12-point box wrench

A 12-point wrench can connect to a fastener at more angles but shares less surface area. Theoretically, this makes it inferior for high-leverage applications (like a long wrench!).

Even so, I didn’t experience any slipping or rounding. I also appreciated being able to connect wrench to fastener more easily in tight spaces.

Practical Use in the Shop

I used the Wurth 12-Point extra-long wrenches for a variety of tasks during the review. Replacing alternators always takes some torque on the lower bolts to break them loose. The additional handle length proved perfect for that task.

Wurth 15mm extra long wrench

Brake caliper bolts also present a frequent need for either a breaker bar or a nice long box wrench. The additional leverage provided by these Wurth USA wrenches really helped on that as well—keeping me from having to grab a compact impact wrench or similar tool. I also used these tools to free up engine and transmission mounts.

After several weeks of hard use—I really found them invaluable for any stubborn torqued-down fasteners or bolts in remote locations that made it difficult to access with a shorter wrench. They also came in handy for bolts with thread lock—giving me some extra leverage to break them free.


The Wurth 12-Point PowerDrive Extra Long Double Box End Wrenches come in between $15 and $30.

Compare that to the 6-piece Mac Tools set SBHFM62KPA which works out to over $50 a wrench.

Wurth USA runs promotions, so be sure to check to see if this product is on special!

The Bottom Line

The Wurth 12-Point PowerDriv Extra Long Double Box End Wrenches are excellent. Wurth gives you a reasonably priced solution with lots of leverage. The 12-point slim form factor also lets you connect the wrench to fasteners in tight spaces. Some Pros might worry that there’s too much leverage in a long wrench for 12-points, but I didn’t experience any slipping or rounding during the review. If you want a set of great all-around wrenches for those tough-to-access spots, pick up all five.

Wurth 12-Point PowerDriv Extra Long Double Box End Wrenches

  • Wrench Item Numbers
    • 10×11: 0714235101 – $14.90
    • 12×14: 0714235124 – $17.50
    • 13×15: 0714235135 – $20.50
    • 16×18: 0714235168 – $25.50
    • 17×19: 0714235179 – $25.50
  • Standard: Wrench size according to DIN 475 Part II
  • Material: Chrome vanadium steel
  • Surface: Body chromed, matte satin
  • Geometry: Straight, very slim box end design for hard to reach places

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12 pt is a must for 12 pt fasteners. I might have to give them a try for aviation

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