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Review7.2(out of 10)
Graco TrueCoat Pro II Cordless Paint Sprayer

Graco TrueCoat Pro II Cordless Paint Sprayer Review

As a Pro, the idea of a portable airless sprayer appeals to me. There are a lot of jobs that fall under that “pick-up-an-go” category where it would be nice to not have to pull out the full airless sprayer. For these, it would be nice to ditch the full et up for a smaller […]

Lowes Kobalt 400 trophy

NASCAR Kobalt 400 Race Experience

It was probably a good thing I wasn’t a NASCAR fan that Sunday morning when we arrived at the Las Vegas Motor Speedway after checking out the new Kobalt Tools 24V max tools. Until the Kobalt 400, I had never watched a NASCAR race or really knew anything about it. Most everyone recognizes a few […]

Review9.5(out of 10)
Graco Ultra Max II 490 PC Pro Featured Image

Graco Ultra Max II 490 PC Pro Paint Sprayer Review

Since the advent of the airless paint sprayer in the mid twentieth century, many a manufacturer has tried its hand at producing one. Graco is not only one of the first companies to build an airless sprayer, but it has remained steadfastly among the most respected brands in the industry. Through the years, they have […]

keen manufacturing tour garage

Keen Manufacturing and Factory Tour Experience

It isn’t often that I get to take an inside look at a company as uniquely infused by its principles and hometown as Keen Footwear. Recently, I had the opportunity to attend Keen Utility’s inaugural media event at its headquarters in Portland, Oregon. I experienced how their commitment to quality, innovation, stewardship, and philanthropy permeate […]

Review9.4(out of 10)
Titan Impact 440 Featured Image

Titan Impact 440 Paint Sprayer Review

Titan Impact 440 Paint Sprayer Improves on Legendary Reliability Back in the day (like many DIYers with no professional understanding of paint or its application), when a room needed to be painted, I would head to the hardware store to procure whichever tools were the least expensive (read: cheap). After all, it was highly likely […]

Review9.1(out of 10)
Wolverine Raider Steel-Toe EH boots2

Wolverine Raider Steel Toe Boot Review

Anyone who has ever worked in construction, agriculture, manufacturing, or has spent any time hunting or hiking is probably familiar with the name Wolverine. For over 130 years, Wolverine has made boots and shoes that have earned a solid reputation for defying any environment—and doing it with style. Boots that are both comfortable and good-looking tend […]

Review9.0(out of 10)
Echo SRM-280T String Trimmer

Echo SRM-280T String Trimmer Review

I could think of no better test for the Echo SRM-280T String Trimmer than The Mountain. This mammoth water feature sits at the north end of my parents’ yard. It came about several years ago when the county decided to widen the road in front of their house. Dad somehow managed to commandeer all the broken […]