Best Christmas Tree, Ornament, and Decoration Storage Ideas

Keep Your Holiday Decor Organized and Safe With These Storage Recommendations

Putting up Christmas decorations is a tradition in many households, but we think they should be as easy to store as they are to admire. Unfortunately for many of us, that’s not the case. If you’re looking for an upgrade to your current holiday decor storage and want something more heavy-duty than your torn cardboard tree box or plastic totes, we’ve got you covered! Take a look at these recommendations to see if any of them suit your household.

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Best Christmas Tree Storage Box

Magellan Outdoors 92L Waterproof Gear Box

A lot of people like to use a bag or oversized cardboard box to store their Christmas tree, but a solid container has the benefits of great protection and a stackable design. A case in point is the Magellan Outdoors Waterproof Gear Box.

This tote comes in three sizes, but we recommend the largest one for storing your Christmas tree. It has plenty of room, standing at just under 35 inches long with a 92L capacity. Since most artificial trees break apart into sections, they should easily fit into this box with room to spare.

The best part about the Magellan gear boxes is their waterproof design. If you store your holiday decorations in a moisture-prone area like a shed or basement, waterproof totes can ensure your items stay safe from water damage.

Price: $49.99 – $99.99

Best Christmas Ornament Storage Box

HART Modular Organizers

To store your Christmas ornaments, you need a blend of organization and protection. HART offers just that with its Stack System, which features a wide array of storage options for holiday decor items.

As a modular system, these bins let you customize the inner compartments to fit your needs. This design poses a functional solution for storing and organizing small ornaments, hooks, and even spare bulbs for your Christmas lights. We even put them to use on spare Lego pieces to keep everything organized and in one place.

This storage system also features a stackable design, with a variety of bin sizes for other storage needs as well. Keep your wreaths, garlands, and ornaments in one place while taking advantage of the HART Stack System’s vertical design.

Price: $14.97 – $39.97

Best Christmas Decoration Storage Box

Plano Sportsman’s Trunks

Storing other Christmas decorations, such as lights, tree skirts, quilts, and hangables varies depending on their size, weight, and shape. Depending on how much storage you need, we have a couple of excellent recommendations for you.

Plano’s Sportsman Trunks come in three sizes: Small (56-quart), Medium (68-quart), and Large (108-quart). We recommend the small size for storing additional decor items like wreaths and folded strings of lights. The medium and large trunks are large enough for things like seasonal blankets and quilts, hanging wall items, and even Christmas trees.

Price: $21.99 – $49.99

Do You Need Waterproof Christmas Decoration Storage?

Waterproof storage is the best option for people who store their Christmas decorations in high-moisture or leak-prone areas, such as basements and outdoor sheds. Without a waterproof solution, your decorations could be susceptible to damage since they’re usually in storage for the majority of the year.

If you’re someone who stores their holiday decor in areas with a low risk of water damage, like an indoor closet, it’s probably not necessary to spend the extra change on waterproof storage, although it wouldn’t hurt!

Why Not Just Buy Cheap Plastic Storage Boxes for Christmas Decorations?

Cheap, plastic totes may seem like a more budget-friendly storage option, but they come with some major trade-offs in quality. They can be flimsy on a good day, and straight up unreliable on a bad day. They’re also prone to broken edges, lids that crack or stop fitting… and the list goes on.

We’re fans of putting quality over quantity. If you can buy one or two storage bins and have them last you a long time, it’s hard to justify buying multiple of these cheap totes only for them to give out after a couple of seasons. Storage options like the ones we mentioned above should put an end to this endless and wasteful cycle, giving you more peace of mind that your items will stay safe from damage.

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