Hart STACK Modular Storage System

HART Stack System

Hart Stack Enters the Modular Storage Market at a Fraction of the Cost

Modular storage systems have become all the rage amongst tool manufacturers these days. They offer a clean, organized, and stackable method for storing, securing, and moving your tools from place to place. The Milwaukee Packout System and DeWalt ToughSystem 2.0 are among the most popular, but they might start to see some competition from the Hart Stack Modular Storage System simply because the price is so nice.

What’s the Big Deal?

As we said—price. The big deal here is price. The 3-piece set prices out at just under $80. That makes it so much cheaper than comparably-equipped packages from the aforementioned manufacturers.

Hart Stack roller rolling storage

For instance, the Milwaukee Packout 3-piece Tool Box Kit retails for $279, which more than triples the cost of the Hart STACK system. The price for the Toughsystem tells a similar story.

ModelHart STACK 3-PieceMilwaukee Packout 3-PieceDeWalt ToughSystem 2.0 3-PieceDeWalt TStak Tower
IP RatingIP65IP65
Cart Wheels7″9″8″7″
Rolling Cart Load Capacity100 lbs.250 lbs.250 lbs.
Weight19.1 lbs23.4 lbs42.24 lbs21 lbs

When you break it down, Hart offers some excellent solutions for a much lower cost of entry.

How the Hart STACK Modular Storage System Compares

It’s only fair to mention that these other modular storage systems we’re comparing the Hart Stack to have their advantages. They all offer a much deeper product line. As of right now, it looks like these are the only 3 pieces involved in the STACK lineup, whereas the other lines have a variety of accessories available, like boxes, bags, radios, lights, worktops, coolers, and more.

Hart STACK modular storage

And, in the case of the Milwaukee Packout and DeWalt Toughsystem 2.0 systems, these cases offer some IP protection against water and dust intrusion. It doesn’t look like the Hart STACK System includes any kind of seal against the elements. Even without certification, however, it does look durable and the overlapped lids should do a good job of preventing dust and water intrusion.

While some of the Pro-brand solutions might offer larger wheels and a wider line—they are, in fact, geared toward Pros. The Hart STACK Storage line has the DIYer in mind.

open latched plastic storage box

If you’re less concerned with a hundred different accessories and a super solid build, and more concerned with getting the best bang for your buck, the Hart STACK might be the perfect fit for you.

Other Features

  • Interlocking modular system connectivity
  • Deep storage compartments
  • Metal telescopic handle collapses and expands to fit your needs
  • 7” durable wheels create a sturdy base for all types of terrain
  • Side grips for easy transportation
  • Lockable (Lock not included)
  • Loading capacity of 100 lbs.
  • Sturdy latches


At the risk of being incredibly redundant, let’s go through the pricing again. For $79, you get the rolling mobile cart, toolbox, and organizer.

Hart hasn’t disclosed whether they have big plans to expand the STACK system any further than just these pieces, but it seems like a no-brainer that they would. Keep an eye out for more in the future. You can learn more about the Stack modular storage system by clicking here.

Hart Stack Modular Storage System Specs

  • Model: Hart 249074
  • Weight: 19.1 lbs.
  • Lower Cart Dimensions: 21 x 16.2 x 22.2 in.
  • Middle Box Dimensions: 21 x 13.6 x 10.2 in.
  • Upper Organizer Box Dimensions: 21 x 13.6 x 4.5 in.
  • Wheels: 7 in.
  • Lockable: Yes (lock not included)
  • Price: $79

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