14 Best Construction Gag Gifts for the Tradesman or Professional

best gag gifts construction

If you’re like us, finding the perfect gift for that special guy or girl gets harder and harder each year. This year, we put together a list of the 14 best construction gag gifts for the tradesman or professional in 2020. If you can’t find a unique, funny, or just plain unusual gift for that special someone in your life on this list—well, then…I guess we need to try harder next year.

BOSS 3000 Fred Circular Saw Pizza Wheel

best construction gag gifts

Slicing pizza with a traditional cutter is soooo last year. This year, give your special tradesman a tool he or she is used to—a circular saw. This BOSS 3000 Fred Circular Saw Pizza Wheel novelty utensil should leave an impression!

Bacon-Scented Dryer Sheets

best construction gag gifts

What’s better than bacon-scented dryer sheets? Nothing. These should absolutely win anyone over this Christmas…plus they should render those nasty-smelling work clothes wonderfully delicious!

Potty Putter Toilet Time Golf Game

Potty Putter Toilet Time Golf Game

Oh yes, this one caught our eye as well. Who wouldn’t love a bit more “productivity” while taking a potty break? Don’t answer that. Just buy this and watch the hilarity ensue around the Christmas tree.

Master Crapsman Poo-Pourri  Gift Set

master crapsman Best Construction Gag Gifts

Keeping with the above theme, we can’t help butt include this excellent poo-pourri gift set for helping eliminate those unfortunate bathroom “situations”. Hopefully, your favorite tradesman or professional will find it as humorous as we do!

Enesco Whatever Always Late Wall Clock

Enesco Whatever wall clock

If you’re like us, you know someone who can’t keep on schedule or never stays on time. This Enesco “Whatever” wall clock simply cracked us up when we saw it—we had to put it on our list!

Streamline Hand Tool Pens

streamline hand tool pens best construction gag gifts

We loved these tool pens as soon as we saw them. In particular, we liked how authentic they looked. Too many of these novelty pens take on a super-clean look that lacks any character. These tool pens actually look like a cool construction gift for any tradesman or contractor.

Concrete Construction Worker Pun T-Shirt

Concrete whisperer Construction Worker Pun T-Shirt

You know the guy. He can make miracles. He takes concrete and forms it, molds it, shapes it into whatever he wants. And he does it every day. The Concrete Whisperer. And now, thanks to you, he has his own shirt! We know lots of great construction workers, and this is simply one of the best construction gag gifts for any concrete tradesman or professional.

Coffee Mugs and Koozies

Following are a series of funny (to us) coffee mugs and koozies (drink coolers) that we thought made for some of the best construction gag gifts we’d seen in a while. If you’re looking for the best tradesman gift, these mugs won’t steer you wrong.

Rome Wasn’t Built in a Day Coffee Mug

Rome wasnt built day best tradesman gift

This simple mug really speaks to the professional tradesman who takes pride in their work. It reminds us of the Kermit the Frog meme…but that’s none of my business—as it tosses out the snark at the end of a familiar quote. It’s an excellent gift for anyone who prides themselves on their work.

Engineer Nutrition Facts Koozies (Drink Cooler Sleeve)

engineer nutrition facts coosie

Everyone can use a drink coozie—and they make popular gifts. If you have a civil engineer in your life, this particular drink cooler should bring a smile to your face.

Mechanic Nutritional Facts Coffee Mug

Mechanic Nutritional Facts Coffee Mug

Similar to the coozie above, but printed on an actual mug, this design caters to the mechanic in your life. We love that it actually presents a nice, uplifting message—but gives them a fun way to show off their pride that invariably marks their work. This simply makes for a great gift.

Bucket Boss – Mug Boss

bucket boss mug tool belt best tradesman gift

Most people have heard of the Bucket Boss tool organizer. Now you can get your favorite construction professional his very own Bucket Boss Mug Boss! Why limit yourself to only the room inside of a cup or mug to store pens, pencils, and more? Now, you can use the various pockets around the outside of the mug as well. Plus, it just looks really cool on your desk.

Best Construction Worker Ever Coffee Mug

trump best construction worker ever mug

We hesitated on this until we realized it’s hilarious regardless of which side of the political spectrum you hail from. All of u could probably stand to take ourselves, and each other, a bit less seriously anyway! You can also rest assured that the proceeds of these mugs don’t go (overtly anyway) to any particular political party.

Drill Handle “Builder at Work” Coffee Mug

drill handle coffee mug best construction gag gifts

While some of the other mug picks we placed in this list have pithy sayings, this one just looks cool. We love the drill handle and you can’t give a gift like this and not leave an impression. Maybe in the future they can make one where the drill trigger actually stirs the mug contents…

I Turn Coffee Into Houses Tumbler

I turn coffee into houses mug best construction gag gifts

For an insulated mug, this one provides both function and a statement that…makes a statement. Coffee into houses indeed! Most Pros should really enjoy the logic—and enjoy the warm coffee.

That’s All, Folks!

We hope you found at least one good idea on this list. For those of us surrounded by construction professionals, finding the best construction gag gifts or even just the best tradesman gift often presents a tough challenge. Armed with our list, you can be well on your way to getting ahead of your gift list this Christmas.

If we missed something awesome—please leave it in the comments below—we’d love to add it!

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