Best New Milwaukee Tools From NPS19: Top 10 Countdown!

Best New Milwaukee Tools From NPS19: Top 10 Countdown!

We thought we had a pretty good handle on what to expect from the 2019 edition of Milwaukee’s New Product Symposium. As usual, they had some surprises up their sleeves. Check out our picks for the best new Milwaukee tools from NPS19 and let us know what you’re itching to get your hands on most!

Top 10 Best New Milwaukee Tools 2019

#10 Milwaukee Stud Tape Measure: Gen 2

The Milwaukee Stud tape measure is getting some upgrades to look forward to. The biggest is the ability to reach out to a full 14′ of standout! It also gets a more compact housing and expands to 35′ models for those of you that are waiting for a longer version.

There are new Wide Blade tape measures coming as well. These also have a 14′ standout that’s a bit straighter than the Stud. The Wide Blade doesn’t have the heavier Exo360 coating that the Stud does, giving it a noticeably straighter standout. Wide Blade models range 16’–40′ and have magnetic hook options.

Both of these along with several new compact tapes have a new, more durable hook design to keep them accurate in spite of jobsite drops and falls.

Available: August 2019

Price: TBA, but roughly in line with current Milwaukee tape measure pricing

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#9 Milwaukee Packout Mounting Plate

Milwaukee teased the Packout Mounting Plates last year and they’re just about ready for launch. Each mounting hole has metal reinforcement molded in and the metal side reinforcements work great for strapping them down.

They technically have a 50-lb load rating to allow for the new Packout Crate’s horizontal mounting, but Tom demonstrates they’re capable of holding much more as NPS19 turned into a pull-up contest.

Whether you’ve been waiting to transform your shop or your trailer, get ready to store Packout more conveniently!

Available: August 2019

Price: $29 each

#8 Milwaukee M12 Digital Torque Wrench

No one saw a digital torque wrench coming, particularly on the M12 platform. The Milwaukee M12 Digital Torque wrench combines a cordless ratchet with a digital torque wrench. Just set your target torque and pull the trigger. The ratchet gets you close and then you manually set the last bit of torque.

The tool gives you audio, visual, and vibration feedback as you approach your target and changes from green to red if you exceed it.

The 3/8″ model covers 10–100 ft-lbs and the 1/2″ model hits 10–150 ft-lbs. Best of all, you can save your readings to One-Key and hand an inspector or super a report of every correctly torqued fastener on the job.

Available: November 2019

Price: $599 bare, $749 kit

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#7 Milwaukee M12 Fuel Surge Hydraulic Driver

We couldn’t make a list of the best new Milwaukee tools at NPS19 without the new M12 Fuel Surge. Not only is it the same size as the M12 Fuel impact driver, but it also has the same 450 in-lbs of torque we find on the M18 Fuel Surge!

Like its big brother, it drives much more quietly than an impact driver, making this version a fantastic option for working in tight spaces and occupied buildings. A self-tapping screw mode makes quick work of metal fastening without breaking fastener heads off left and right.

Available: August 2019

Price: $149 bare, $199 with a 2.0 Ah battery and charger

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#6 Milwaukee M18 Radio+Charger–YZlHZJ/

Packout now has a radio and it sounds phenomenal! 2 speakers cover the mids and highs on each corner (8 total) while 2 subwoofers (one active, one passive) bring in the lows. Its 360º sound doesn’t distort at high volume and it’s IP54 rated to deal with jobsite conditions.

You get AM, FM, Bluetooth 4.2, and Aux-in connections to push sound powered by AC or any M18 battery. The best part is that it charges M18 batteries and fits the 12 Ah High Output pack. Sorry, there’s no M12 compatibility on this one.

Available: 4th quarter of 2019

Price: $299 bare

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#5 Milwaukee M18 Fuel 12″ Dual Bevel Sliding Compound Miter Saw

Milwaukee brings their cordless saw miter game to the big leagues with the M18 Fuel 12″ Miter Saw. Like you expect from any flagship miter, it’s a dual bevel, sliding design. But unlike most corded models, it’s easier to haul around, weighing just 48 pounds with its 12.0 Ah battery pack!

Milwaukee goes for the popular shadow cutline indicator and adds tracking and lockout with One-Key integration. It has 2 x 14 cross-cutting capacity to go along with 6-3/4″ nested crown capacity.

Available: November 2019

Price: $699 bare, $849 with a 12.0 Ah battery and charger

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#4 Milwaukee M18 Fuel 7-1/4″ Rear Handle Circular Saw

As an east coast guy, I’m perfectly content with the latest M18 Fuel circular saw and its sidewinder styling. But for those of you on the west coast that prefer a worm drive, the Milwaukee M18 Fuel Rear Handle Circular Saw is heading your way.

The 7-1/4″ blade spins up to 5800 RPM and cuts as deep as 2-1/2″ (1-7/8″ at 45º). Technically, its a sidewinder gear system, so there’s no oil to worry about checking. It has a rafter hook, bevels up to 53º, brakes quickly, and has an LED that corded worm drives don’t have.

Available: July 2019

Price: $269 bare, $449 with a 12.0 Ah battery and charger

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#3 Milwaukee M18 Fuel 9″ Cut-Off Saw

Only Milwaukee looks at concrete cut-off saws and says, “yeah, we can do that on an 18V battery.” Using the 12 Ah High Output battery as its main power source, the Milwaukee M18 Fuel 9″ Cut-Off Saw cuts up to 3.4″ deep and comes with both diamond and abrasive wheels.

It has the power to cut through reinforced concrete while weighing up to 50% less than a gas saw. Since there’s no gas, there are no fumes and you can cut to your heart’s content on indoor projects.

An onboard water connection pairs beautifully with the Switch Tank Water Supply, making a completely cordless wet-cutting solution. There’s no vac attachment for dry cutting, though.

Last, but not least, One-Key is onboard to help you track and lockout the tool.

Available: October 2019

Price: $599 bare, $899 with two 12.0 Ah batteries and charger

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#2 Milwaukee M18 Fuel Compact Router

The Milwaukee M18 Fuel Compact Router was one of the best new Milwaukee tools at NPS19 that everyone had to get their hands on. It delivers up to 31,000 RPM and has an accurate adjustment system that’s sure to please even finicky woodworkers.

The compact router matches corded performance with 1-1/4 HP and can take that power to run up to 250′ of 3/8″ roundover in red oak on one charge with a 5.0 Ah battery.

Available: October

Price: $179 bare

Offset and plunge bases are coming in January 2020 at $99 each.

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#1 Milwaukee M18 Fuel Framing Nailer

The Milwaukee M18 Fuel Framing Nailer was another one of the most highly-anticipated tools of the event. The big deal is that there’s no firing delay, you have a choice of 30º or 21º, and it can sink 3″ nails in LVL—even when you’re toenailing. There’s also an optional extended magazine that fits two strips of nails!

Available: Fall 2019

Price: $349 bare, $449 with a 5.0 Ah battery and charger

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Those are our top 10 best new Milwaukee tools from NPS19, but that’s not all we saw. Check out our Instagram page for more products including safety, finish nailers, more Packout, concrete, and more! And be on the lookout for our comprehensive YouTube video!

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James C

The batteries on these last way longer, love these tools, keep em coming

Tim Roberts

My guys have been impressed with the battery powered nailers, makes the quick jobs a lot easier.

Skip Isles

I recently purchased the Milwaukee M18 Fuel Compact Router. I am really impressed with its performance and would recommend it to anyone!

Norman Smith

Norman Smith


3″ nails are not code.

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