Bora Speedhorse 1500-Pound Capacity Sawhorse PM-4500

Bora Speedhorse

Bora Speedhorse Features Easy Setup, Holds 1500 Pounds

The Bora Speedhorse from Portamate looks like a great option out of the box, but our Pros had a few questions before signing off on them. With plenty of cheap plastic options out there along with the option to just make your own, we’ll see if the PM-4500 is worth a look.


  • Easy to set up and takedown
  • 1500-lb capacity for each Speedhorse
  • Pre-drilled top allows for sacrificial boards
  • Fold-outs support wood off the ground


  • More expensive than some sawhorses
  • There’s a little bit of side-to-side wobble

Capacity and Design

Each Bora Speedhorse can hold up to 1500 pounds or 3000 for a pair. We didn’t need to hold anything near that kind of weight, but we do use a sheet of plywood or subfloor to make a surface for equipment and tools that can be several hundred pounds collectively.

Bora Speedhorse

There are sandpaper sheets adhered to the left and right sides of each sawhorse to help material stay in place. It’s a nice touch, but it does wear over time.

Bora Speedhorse

Setting that first sheet on top, the issue of a metal build presents itself?

A look at the top reveals there are a couple of holes pre-drilled. These are to screw in a 2×4 across the surface to use as a sacrificial surface.

Bora Speedhorse

Even more intelligent design comes into play here. When you set a pair of 2x4s into the slots (they fit vertically), you create a flush surface with the sacrificial 2×4 and the perfect frame for your table sheet. If you’ve ever tried to put much weight on a plywood table set directly on two sawhorses, it sags in a hurry. Creating this quick frame lets you take advantage of the high load capacity.

Bora Speedhorse

At 45 inches wide, you get a much wider base than most of the cheap, plastic sawhorses you can pick up and it’s even a couple of inches wider than DeWalt’s design. That’s helpful in building a stable plywood table all the way to the edges.

One thing we noticed is that there’s some side-to-side wobble in the legs when they’re set up. It’s not extreme by any means, but it might cause additional wear in those parts over time.

Bora Speedhorse

On the positive side, flip-outs give you a place to set your material off the ground.

Bora Speedhorse


The Bora Speedhorse is named for its quick setup and takedown. Once you get where you want to work, setup and takedown really are simple. Hold the Speedhorse up and hit the release under the handle – the first set of legs will flip down and lock in place. Hit the release for the other legs and you’re in business.

When you’re ready to bring them back, unlock the legs by pulling up on the lever on either outside edge. Once you bring the legs up, they’ll lock themselves in place. It doesn’t matter which legs you deploy or collapse first.

Bora Speedhorse

Carry slots in the sides give you a handle to work with, but these don’t stack and lock like DeWalt’s Metal Folding Sawhorses. When you’re carrying one in each hand, it’s not too bad since you’re balanced. At 17.9 pounds each, the weight is noticeable.


You expect to pay more for metal sawhorses than plastic or wood. Each Bora Speedhorse is $79.99 and you can get them in a two-pack for $159.98.

There’s also an all-terrain version—the PM-4550. For $10 more, it has an adjustable length to deal with uneven ground.

The Bottom Line

The team responsible for the Bora Speedhorse clearly put some real thought into the design and there’s a lot to like. This is one of the easiest folding leg sawhorses we’ve used and it’s significantly better built than the cheap plastic ones running around.

Bora Speedhorse Specifications

  • Model: Bora Tools PM-4500
  • Weight: 17.9 pounds
  • Top Length: 45 inches
  • Working Height: 31.5 inches
  • Top Width: 3.25 inches
  • Capacity: 1500 pounds each
  • Price: $79.99 each, $159.98 2-pack
  • Warranty: 1 year

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Not worth the money. Hard to come in as a no name brand and charge a premium price over better well established saw horses. If they were made in the USA I could maybe justify the price but an imported product from China doesn’t cut it for me


Masterforce® Adjustable Folding Steel Sawhorse Model Number: 65068 Menards® SKU: 2438688
@ $35/ each, I’m willing to sacrifice a couple hundred pounds of load.

Matt Bock

I got these which seem pretty similar, half the load capacity I guess

Sean Browne

160 for a pair !! I had a hard time spending 80 for my current sawhorses that are the same style just dont have the colapable legs .you will save time breaking them down which saves you MONEY in the long run .just gonna be a hard sell to the old timers….

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