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Review9.5(out of 10)
Toughbuilt Sawhorse Table

ToughBuilt Sawhorse/Jobsite Table Review TB-C700

ToughBuilt Sawhorse Features Helpful Innovations The sawhorse has been ripe for innovation for some time now, and it looks like ToughBuilt is one of the companies to take it on. The ToughBuilt C700 Sawhorse/Jobsite Table improves upon the traditional design of this unsung hero of the jobsite, making it more versatile, portable, and ultimately, more […]

Bora Speedhorse

Bora Speedhorse 1500-Pound Capacity Sawhorse PM-4500

Bora Speedhorse Features Easy Setup, Holds 1500 Pounds The Bora Speedhorse from Portamate looks like a great option out of the box, but our Pros had a few questions before signing off on them. With plenty of cheap plastic options out there along with the option to just make your own, we’ll see if the PM-4500 […]

Worx Jawhorse

Worx Jawhorse: A More Affordable Jawhorse

If you’ve been dying for a Jawhorse – the hands-free portable workstation with built-in clamping capabilities – but you’ve been waiting till you could find one for less than $100, Worx is about to make your day. The Worx Jawhorse can support up to 440 lbs, and it can clamp down with 1 ton worth […]

Review9.6(out of 10)
DeWalt Metal Folding Sawhorse

DeWalt Metal Folding Sawhorse

It makes sense when manufacturers innovate and improve saws, drills, nailers, or any other tool that we use on site. We want more power, lighter weight, longer runtime, this feature, and that feature. The big tool manufacturers continue to deliver those things. Then there are tools don’t come to mind as innovation candidates like the new […]

Review8.8(out of 10)
Centipede Portable Work System Feature

Centipede Support XL Portable Work System Review

Centipede Tools, LLC has come up with a a pair of innovative products that I’m really excited about. The Centipede Portable Work System is available in 2′ x 4′ Sawhorse and 4′ x 8′ Support XL models. Essentially, these work on the same principle as those folding camp chairs that are so popular—but with more points of […]

Rockwell Jawhorse and Sheetmaster Review

By now everyone has seen the infomercials for the Rockwell JawHorse and either has one or wonders if they need one. But in case you haven’t seen it, let me describe the JawHorse. It’s basically a vise mounted to a stair-stepper machine. You might also consider it half of an exercise bike with clamps for […]

Rockler Sawhorse Clips for Bench Cookie Plus 43624

Rockler Sawhorse Clips for Bench Cookie Plus 43624

Sometimes it seems as if Rockler releases new products every week – not a bad thing if you’re Rockler and your products are successful. This week, the company announced its Rockler Sawhorse Clips for Bench Cookie Plus Work Grippers. These match a new accessory with their well-known Bench Cookies (item 46902, sold separately). The accessory […]

Rockler Sawhorse Supports Preview

Rockler Sawhorse Supports Preview

Rockler released a new system that adds stability to your standard, run-of-the-mill sawhorse. Their new patent-pending Sawhorse Supports are brackets made from steel which sit overtop a sawhorse to let you load up a couple 2×4 supports across the top brace pieces. You can use one or more Sawhorse Supports, and since they are length-independent, […]