DeWalt Metal Folding Sawhorses Review

DeWalt Metal Folding Sawhorse
PTR Review
  • Pro Review 9.5

The DeWalt Metal Folding Sawhorse is an excellent product - they are light, sturdy, mobile, easy to stack, carry, store, and set up.

Overall Score 9.5 (out of 10)

It makes sense when manufacturers innovate and improve saws, drills, nailers, or any other tool that we use on-site. We want more power, lighter weight, longer runtime, this feature, and that feature. The big tool manufacturers continue to deliver those things. Then there are tools that don’t come to mind as innovation candidates like the new DeWalt Metal Folding Sawhorse.

If I asked you to name a tool that could clearly be improved but no manufacturer has brought game-changing innovation to in a while [cue final Jeopardy! music], you probably wouldn’t pick the simple and utilitarian ones hiding in plain sight. How about the lowly sawhorse? It’s so simple you can even build your own pair in a few minutes.

But it’s an essential tool for lifting work off of the ground and providing clearance for blades and bits, not to mention the wear and tear it saves on your knees and back.

It provides safety and stability as holding work in your hand while you cut or drill is a recipe for disaster. And sometimes you just need a big, flat work surface to lay out plans or materials. The DeWalt DeWalt Metal Folding Sawhorse set promises to provide those things and more.

Saddlin’ Up

Good design makes us wonder how we got along before it. Sometimes it’s annoying because we should have thought of it! The DeWalt Metal Folding Sawhorse conjures up those feelings. Not only do the legs fold laterally as any folding sawhorse legs do, but they also fold medially to make a 44-inch long x 4-inch wide x 4.75-inch tall box out of each horse.

DeWalt Metal Folding Sawhorse
Carrying the sawhorses is much easier thanks to the lightweight folding design!

There’s a rubber flip handle that deflects under the work surface during use and pops up for carrying the horse around. What’s even better? The pair snap together with side latches so they only displace a 44-inch long x 4-inch wide x 9.5-inch tall area.

The DeWalt’s space advantage is clear. The pair is light and compact. If the other features are as thoughtfully designed, then DeWalt likely will have hit a home run.

Horsin’ Around

I unfolded the legs downward by pulling yellow release lever on the underside of each horse. They open into the horse’s hard-rubberized ends at the top where they are held securely with no chance of collapse. There are folding braces near the bottom that hold the legs open. Push the flip handle down between the two top bars and you’re ready to get to work.

DeWalt Metal Folding Sawhorse
The yellow latch is easy enough to release when it’s time to unfold the sawhorse.

Each sawhorse is 12.43 pounds and they give the impression that they can hold up the whole world, but they are spec’d to hold one ton per pair. 2000 pounds is still a lot. The same hardened rubber on the top ends of the sawhorse is molded around the ends of the metal legs.

DeWalt Metal Folding Sawhorse
The integrated V-groove is a brilliant addition for cutting pipe.

Running along the top of the sawhorse is a V-shaped groove that allows you to set small boards and pipes in for stability when cutting. The sawhorses also have recesses on each end running perpendicular to the top bars to accomodate 2x4s. You can easily create a large work surface with a pair of sawhorses by placing 2x4s in these recesses and topping it with a piece of plywood.

The two top bars don’t just add strength – they allow clamps to secure lumber  to the sawhorses. They may not have thought of everything, but the DeWalt Metal Folding Sawhorse make it seem like they came close.

Back In The Saddle

Almost all jobs need a large flat surface workspace – or at least a workspace where material is elevated of off the ground so you’re not bending or kneeling, and the bathroom remodel I was working on was no different. It’s not just a safety and convenience issue – the older I get, the smarter I like have to work, and that means lifting the work up to me.

Traditional sawhorses are often wobbly or otherwise not stable, but the DeWalt Metal Folding Sawhorse is very sturdy and stable. They are light and easy to move around. It’s a welcome change from my normal metal sawhorses that are heavy and wobbly.

DeWalt Metal Folding Sawhorse
DeWalt created a stable, sturdy platform to hold up to 2000 pounds.

The V-shaped grooved channel along the top of each horse is a brilliant idea – it holds pipe and small-dimension lumber securely during a cut. I made a large table in a matter of seconds using the 2×4 recesses. I really marveled at the usefulness of these sawhorses and what’s more – they fold up, snap together, can be carried easily, and take up little storage space. They really made the job easier and are a vast improvement over any other sawhorses I’ve used.

DeWalt Metal Folding Sawhorse
The V-groove has been a well-used feature on the DeWalt Metal Folding Sawhorse.

Pro Tip:

Wooden sawhorses can be sacrificial during cuts, although you still should be aware of your blade depth so you don’t weaken the top beam too much. However, the DeWalt metal folding sawhorse can’t be sacrificial so always be sure cut line doesn’t intersect the sawhorse to prevent damage to the sawhorse and the blade.

If I could make any suggestions – this is not a complaint – it would be to have telescoping legs to make the sawhorses taller. They are built at a great working height for my 5’10” stature but I could see how taller guys might want a higher work surface.

DeWalt Metal Folding Sawhorse

The Bottom Line

The DeWalt Metal Folding Sawhorse is an excellent product – it’s light, sturdy, mobile, easy to stack, carry, store, and set up. Carrying a pair is like carrying a small suitcase. There’s nothing I didn’t like about them. I certainly recommend these to other Pros – at about $120 for the pair with a durable build, they’ll be your new best friend on the jobsite.

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DeWalt Metal Folding Sawhorse Features

  • Robust metal structure – enables capacity load of 2000 LBS per pair
  • Clamping – top metal bars allow to clamp on the sawhorse using trigger clamps (for sawing etc)
  • 2 X 4 recess for lumbers to create jobsite table (with 2 sawhorses)
  • Foldable – quick, compact and ergonomic folding for portability and easy storage
  • V-groove – to work with pipes and small wood pieces
  • Flip handle – for easy carrying
  • Rubber pads – enable high friction and stability (located both on the top and legs)
  • Side latches – provide optional use to carry 2 sawhorses together

DeWalt Metal Folding Sawhorse Specifications

  • Model: DeWalt DWST11155
  • Weight Capacity: 2000 pounds/pair
  • Length: 43 inches
  • Standing Height: 32.25 inches
  • Weight: 12.4 pounds each
  • Warranty: Lifetime
  • Price: $60 each ($120/pair)

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