Bora Speedhorse Vs Speedhorse XT Saw Horses

Bora Speedhorse Vs Speedhorse XT Comparison Reveals An Easy Choice

The concept of the Bora Speedhorse makes getting set up an absolute breeze. Beyond speed, there are some great features that make using them easier than other models. You may have noticed that there are now two versions to choose from. In this article, we’re comparing the Bora Speedhorse vs Speedhorse XT to help you decide which one is best for your next project.

Bora Speedhorse Vs Speedhorse XT

Speedhorse XT
Estimated Setup1.6 seconds1.6 seconds
Capacity1500 lbs each1500 lbs each
Weight17.9 lbs each21.0 lbs each
Pre-Drilled TopYesYes
2×4 End SlotsYesYes
Friction PadsYesYes
Fold-Out Material SupportYesYes
Adjustable LegsNoYes
Price (Each/Pair)$79.99/$159.98$89.99/$179.98

As you can see from the chart the only significant differences between the Speedhorse and Speedhorse XT are adjustable legs and the price. So is the adjustability worth an extra $20 per pair?


All four legs of each sawhorse are adjustable in 1-inch increments, giving you a working height of anywhere from 30 inches to 36 inches. As someone who stands 6 feet, 2 inches tall, I appreciate the ability to raise my workspace up a little higher.

Because each leg is independently adjustable, you can also level out your workspace on uneven surfaces. Whether it’s the gradient of an unfinished construction site or just the slope of your driveway, being able to keep your materials on even sawhorses is a big win.

Which One Should I Buy?

Buy the original Bora Speedhorse if you primarily work in your garage, shop, or any space that has reasonably flat ground/floor.

For everyone else, the Speedhorse XT makes the most sense. Being able to keep keep your sawhorses even on top makes the job that much easier, and in some cases, safer. Considering the price difference between the two styles is just $20 for a pair, it’s not a big premium to pay for the extra versatility.

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