Bora Centipede Workbench Review

Bora Centipede Workbench Review

Bora Centipede Redefines Portable Workbench Convenience

When you need a portable workbench, what’s the first thing that comes to your mind? A couple of sawhorses and a sheet of plywood is a common go-to. There are some concerns about holding capacity and stability, though. The Bora Centipede workbench offers a different way of looking at things and has the potential to make your setup easier.

Bora Centipede Workbench Design

Essentially, the Centipede works on the same principle as those folding camp chairs that are so popular but with more points of contact.

The frame is made from steel and combines with the structural design to account for high load capacities. Because it is designed to have more contact points than a simple 4-leg system, it also allows you to put those heavy benchtop tools anywhere on the surface since the weight disperses over them.

How much can a Centipede hold? I’m glad you asked!

  • 4 x 2: 2500 pounds
  • 4 x 4: 3500 pounds
  • 4 x 6: 4500 pounds
  • 4 x 8: 6000 pounds

There are no typos there. Depending on which size you buy, you can hold up to 3 tons! Considering these only weigh 12 – 30 pounds, that’s very impressive.

Bora Centipede Workbench Accessories



Polymer P-Top caps are located on top of each support. These prevent damage to your workpieces from scratches or marks. They also elevate the top to avoid blades from circular saws or other tools from striking the crucial horizontal supports.

Quick Clamps

Bora Centipede Quick Clamps

Quick clamps slide into holes in the caps to secure your material in place. The caps rotate in order to accommodate clamping from whatever point is the most convenient.

The clamps are just simple rubber-covered plastic pieces that slip into the holes of the P-Tops without actually clamping down. My first thought was that I’d prefer my JackClamps holding the top in place. However, our top never moved during cutting.



The last accessories that come with the Bora Centipede workbench are X-Cups. These provide drop-in 2 x 4 support to create an instant sawhorse anywhere on the unit.

Because the P-Tops can swivel, I found that the X-Cups liked to move around on me a bit. With no load on it’s possible to knock your 2×4 support off. Once you have some weight on top, it’s a lot more stable, though.

Bora Centipede Workbench Top

Bora Centipede Workbench Top

There are also optional 2-foot x 4-foot folding tops you can use instead of plywood. These are made from MDF and have a couple of options with 20mm or 3/4-inch dog holes already drilled in them. A set of 6 twist lock handles come with each top, securing it to the Centipede and adding rigidity.

They have a hinge in the middle and handles cut into it to make carrying the top easier. You can also combine multiple tops to cover larger Centipedes.

We like this option over plywood, just be aware if you’re working outside and have rain in the forecast.

Using the Bora Centipede Workbench

Bora Centipede Workbench Review

When we first unfolded the frame, we were a little concerned about how much movement there was.

We set the Centipede up on the cement floor of our shop and placed a pair of X-Cups at each end to use it as a sawhorse and tentatively put a few boards on top that needed to be cut down to size. When I placed my hand on the board I was about to cut, I was impressed to find just how stable it was.

Switching things out for a workbench conversion, we set up the MDF top that came with our set.

Knowing that it worked as advertised on a smooth concrete surface, we went on a field trip. Not all jobsites have the luxury of smooth surfaces, and we wanted to know how they would do in less than ideal conditions. The challenge was to see if we could work the system around to make a safe, stable platform.

That’s an easier task for the smaller 2 x 4 Centipede Workbench. It didn’t take much effort at all to find a good working position for it. The larger sizes may take more effort, though. Still, having so many points of contact with the ground is significant for keeping the system from sinking lopsided into Florida’s infamous sugar sand. That design feature helps keeps it stable despite the slight elevation imperfections in the ground.

Bora Centipede Workbench Price and Comparison

SizeWeight CapacityWorkstand Price
(30-inch height)
Also Includes
4 x 22500 lbs$99Carry bag
2 Quick Clamps
4 X-Cups
4 x 43500 lbs$145Carry bag
4 Quick Clamps
4 X-Cups
4 x 64500 lbs$185Carry bag
4 Quick Clamps
4 X-Cups
4 x 86000 lbs$219Carry bag
4 Quick Clamps
4 X-Cups

Note the 4×2 size is also available at a workbench height of 36 inches for $115.

There are a couple of bundle packages also available.

  • 4 x 2 Centipede with table top (3/4-inch dog holes) and table top carry bag: $224.98
  • 4 x 4 Centipede with 25-inch WTX Clamp Edge and 25-inch Clamp Edge Extension: $149.90

The Bottom Line

We’ve been using the Bora Centipede Workbench from its original concept way back in 2015. It was an excellent product then and the latest versions have an even better weight capacity. What we love about it is how compact it stores for the amount of weight it holds and how easy the setup is. The price is reachable for DIYers who need to share garage space with a lot of other things and it’s convenient enough to make life easier for Pros as well.

Discover more products on Bora’s website!

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