Bosch Core18V 1/2-Inch Hammer Drill GSB18V-975CN Review

Bosch GSB18V-975CN 18V Hammer Drill

The Bosch Core18V GSB18V-975 Hammer Drill Improves Power And Performance

Bosch is one of the quieter brands in the power tool industry, but they make excellent tools. While they tend to trail others in development, two updated hammer drills are signaling a resurgence toward competitive performance. We got our hands on the Bosch GSB18V-975CN 18V hammer drill to see what the newest generation has in store for you.

Bosch Core18V Hammer Drill Performance

Bosch GSB18V-975CN 18V Hammer Drill

Bosch starts with a brushless motor and pairs it with Core18V batteries to produce up to 975 in-lbs of torque and 2100 RPM. In hammer drill mode, you can add 31,500 BPM to the mix.

Considering the last Bosch hammer drill we tested moved up to 755 in-lbs of torque, this is a nice improvement. However, it’s not the strongest model Bosch has. They also released a 1330 in-lbs model that creates a new flagship for the toughest jobs. While the price difference between the two is only $30, the higher-performance model comes with an extra pound of weight.

Mode Selection

Gearbox and Mode Selection

This drill features a 25-position clutch and a 2-speed gearbox that allow you to take on a variety of drilling and driving tasks. They also moved the mode selection switch away from the clutch collar which makes it easier to switch between hammer, drilling, and driving modes in our opinion.

Kickback Control

One of the more innovative features of this hammer drill is the customizable kickback control. When connected to the Bosch Toolbox app you can even adjust the tool’s kickback sensitivity. While Bosch isn’t a newcomer to kickback control, the smart connected controls over it are a recent innovation.

Like many drills that have this feature, the motor automatically shuts down when it senses the bit bind, and the drill twists about 90°. Adjusting the sensitivity will either stop rotation earlier or later than 90° base on your preferences.

Bosch Core18V Hammer Drill Design Notes


Bosch GSB18V-975CN 18V Hammer Drill

From tip to tail this hammer drill measures just under 8 inches and stands 10.25 inches tall with a Core18V 6.3Ah battery attached. In total, this hammer drill weighs 3.6 pounds bare and 5.4 pounds with the same battery, making it an excellent option for heavy-duty all-day drilling.

Bosch grip designs are a fan favorite around our office. They are slightly larger than most others on the market but the general shape contours nicely in the palm of your hand. Plus, there are a few larger grooves on the front and back of the grip to help channel away sweat from your palm and fingers.

Tool Connectivity

Connected Module Install

Smart tools and tool connectivity are the way of the future from what we see in the industry. Bosch is no different and engineered a quarter-sized compartment on the side of the handle that accepts their battery-powered Bluetooth Tool Module.

The module connects to Bosch’s Toolbox app that offers a 100-foot range. It allows you to fine-tune your drill’s kickback control settings, monitor tool and battery statuses, and keep tabs on your equipment with tool-asset inventory management.

Additional Features

  • LED light
  • Metal belt hook

Bosch Core18V Hammer Drill Price

The Bosch GSB18V-975CN retails for $169 as a bare tool. Even though it doesn’t come with a battery, Bosch does include an adjustable side handle, a belt hook, as well as a few bits to get you started.

At the time we’re writing this, there is no kit option available so be sure to pick up a battery and charger if you’re not already on the Bosch 18V platform. Remember you’ll get the best performance with Core18V batteries.

Bosch backs the drill and battery with a 3-year limited warranty.

The Bottom Line

We’re going to go out on a limb and say the GSB18V-975CN is the best cordless hammer in Bosch’s lineup. While it’s not the strongest, it balances performance and weight while giving you all the best features Bosch has to offer.

Bosch Core18V Hammer Drill Specifications

  • Model: Bosch GSB18V-975CN
  • Power Source: Bosch Core18 battery
  • Motor Type: Brushless
  • Chuck Size: 1/2 in.
  • No-Load Speed: 0-480 rpm (low), 0-2,100 rpm (high)
  • Impact Rate: 0-31,500 bpm
  • Weight: 3.6 (bare), 5.4 (with 6.3Ah Core18V battery)
  • Warranty: 3-year limited
  • Price: $169

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