Buying Factory Reconditioned Power Tools

Our Frequently Asked Questions section is dedicated to questions of all kinds, types, and experience levels. We’ll tackle any question no matter how complex or basic. If we see a topic come up in the forums enough or maybe from email or friends, we’ll write a FAQ on it. This time, it’s about purchasing reconditioned power tools.

Buying Reconditioned Tools

Everyone likes a deal. One of the best ways you can save money—particularly if you own your own business—is by buying reconditioned tools. Reconditioned power tools can save you tons of money while still getting the job done. As we like to say—it’s not the tool, it’s how you use it. That goes a long way in residential construction.

How to Do It Right and Not Get Ripped Off

The first thing to check into when looking at buying reconditioned tools is if they are Factory Reconditioned or from some other source. The reason this is critical is that, if it is factory reconditioned, it will most likely come with a power tool warranty and original accessories just like a new tool. If the tool is from another source, the original equipment manufacturer (OEM) may not honor the warranty or guarantee its use.

Factory reconditioned tools should perform just as well as brand new tools. Often, these opportunities include last years models as well as current products. Both should offer excellent bargains. Just follow these recommended guidelines:

  • Buy factory-reconditioned tools of older models where new features don’t particularly matter all that much. A few more RPM or in-lbs of torque likely won’t affect your job. Tool manufacturers love to make incremental changes each year to keep tool enthusiasts upgrading to the latest and greatest tool. Stick with the deals and you can save lots of money.
  • Choose newer or current-model reconditioned tools for things like major jumps to new technology and greatly-improved specs. You can compare tool models to determine whether a newer model is worth the extra money. In many cases, opting for the latest offering might offer a critical feature not available in a prior model. In those situations, go ahead and pull the trigger.

Buying Used Tools from Amazon

One of the places we deal with on a regular basis is They have access to a large variety of manufacturers, and you can find tons of used tools that still carry a manufacturer’s warranty. They also offer free shipping on orders over $35 (free for any amount if you have Amazon Prime).

To buy used tools from Amazon, just enter your favorite brand or tool into the search bar. Once you get the results, click on “Used” on the left column to bring up reconditioned tools. Just be sure to check the descriptions to make sure the tools you buy actually are reconditioned and not simply someone’s hand-me-downs.

sorting results on

You can also click on where it says (XX used & new offers) to immediately jump to offers for reconditioned tools.

buy reconditioned tools online

On Amazon, you can find the following brands which sell reconditioned tools:

Reconditioned Power Tools from Acme Tools

If you want to buy reconditioned power tools from Acme Tools, the process is a bit more direct. If you know which brand you want to look at, type that brand name into the search bar followed by “reconditioned”. You can then filter by tool type on the left.

reconditioned power tools from Acme

You can also shop all reconditioned tools simply by searching “reconditioned” in the search bar and then filtering by the brand on the left column.

DeWalt Reconditioned Tools

The best place to find DeWalt reconditioned tools online is through Acme Tools online or perhaps CPO Tools. While the selection may be limited, they are both authorized factory-certified distributors listed on the DeWalt website. Warranty support matters, so buying from an authorized source makes more sense to us than saving a few bucks but having tools that you can’t get covered under warranty when they break.

Buying Reconditioned Makita Tools

As with what we outlined above, Makita has similar practices when it comes to tools they have turned over in their system. The difference is that Makita doesn’t advertise much about it on their website. Consequently, you have to track them down at retailers like Acme Tools, CPO, or others to find those great deals.

This also begs the question: Do less Makita products get returned? Perhaps. We can’t really answer that questions, and several reasons could explain why they don’t emphasize this line of products on their website.

Finding Reconditioned Tools at Home Depot

With The Home Depot, finding reconditioned tools takes very little effort. In fact, just click here. You can search for any particular tool type in the system and then click on “Reconditioned” on the left side. If you don’t see the button, no tools exist for that category.

home depot refurbished sorted

Why Not Just Buy New Tools?

For the budget-minded customer looking for a deal, factory authorized reconditioned tools are a fantastic alternative to buying at retail prices. Most reconditioned tools will have had all defective parts replaced. Manufacturers typically also clean these tools and replace wearable parts before putting them back on the market.

Most of the time, these products look just like a brand new tool in the box. That makes for a compelling reason to save as much as 30% or more on the price of a tool. The deal gets better when you factor in getting the full manufacturer’s warranty in the process.

Another reason buying reconditioned tools offers great value is that you know the tool had some personal time with a technician to ensure its quality and proper operation.

Final Thoughts

Buying reconditioned tools lets you get a tool at a significant reduction in price from its brand new retail counterpart. While you can’t always find exactly what you need, placing a few “feelers” out online might save you some money without much hassle.

We like to keep some of these sites bookmarked so they’re handy. You can even bookmark the sites with the aforementioned checkboxes already set. That makes it easier than ever to check the latest discounts.

Speaking of discounts, you may also want to check out our page on the latest power tool deals for some really phenomenal savings. We keep that updated every week with the latest free add-ons, discounts, and sales on your favorite brands.

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Paul Decker

From what I’ve heard, if a product is sold, the box is opened, and subsequently returned, it cannot be sold as new, even if it has never actually been used. This is quite often the case with factory reconditioned tools.

Extra Mile Tools

Also with Milwaukee’s 5 year warranty, it takes the risk out of buying them used!

Chris Silliman

Best and cheapest decision I’ve made and utterly happy about it was buying a refurbished miter saw saved over $200 and the only thing wrong with it was a few cosmetic scratches with a full warranty from the manufacturer


I was able to purchase a refurbished Milwaukee compact brushless hammer drill from CPO for about 40% off that turned out to work well. It looked like they had to repair the metal conductors to the tool where it meets with the battery. I was able to drill through 1/4” metal when I wasn’t expecting to on a job. I do like to check out the refurbished section on the CPO site occasionally.


I purchased a refurbished dw780 and stand from a local tool repair company
I will never buy refurbished again
I’ve had nothing but issues with this tool cutting straight, even after them aligning it
And now it’s out of warranty

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