February 26, 2021

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Best Tool Deals, Coupons, and Discounts

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Getting our hands on the latest tools each month puts us in touch with the latest power tools, hand tools, and technology. Often, we come across some absolutely crazy (and best) cool tool deals, coupons, and discounts. We update this page regularly to keep current with the best prices available. These “doorbuster” online deals are all currently active (while supplies last). We have tool discounts and coupons for fans of DeWalt, Makita, Milwaukee, Bosch, and others… We’ll keep this page updated, so be sure to bookmark this page and check back often for the latest deals.

We’ve listed straight discounts as well as tool offers that include free batteries, free tools, and other promotions that should entice anyone who wants a great deal on their favorite brand. While we feel Acme Tools has some of the best tool deals around, we may also include bargains from other retailers like Home Depot, Amazon, and other retailers.

The Latest and Very Best Tool Deals

These deals are HOT and we keep them updated regularly—so bookmark this page and come back regularly.

  • SAVE UP TO $150 on select Milwaukee M18 and M12 Fuel tools – LINK
  • FREE 5.0Ah BATTERY with select DeWalt 12V Max Tools – LINK
  • FREE BATTERY with purchase of select Makita kits – LINK
  • FREE BATTERY with select Bosch ProFactor Kits – LINK
  • 10% OFF select Powermatic machinery and accessories – LINK
  • 10% OFF select JET planers and jointers – LINK
  • 20% OFF select Milwaukee M18 kits with $25 accessory/safety purchase – LINK
  • $30 OFF select Bora Portamate clamps – LINK
  • FREE BATTERY with select Makita bare tools – LINK
  • FREE BARE TOOL with select DeWalt FlexVolt kits – LINK
  • FREE CAMP MUG with select Diablo purchase of $75 or more – LINK

DeWalt Tool Deals and Discounts

DeWalt Tool Deals

In addition to having just launched their ToughSystem 2.0 storage solution, DeWalt also offers a free bare tool with select starter kits. You can also pick up a free 20V Max battery with select bare tools—making those an incredible deal right now.

For Pros who need to replenish their tools regardless—this feels like free money. These are some incredible DeWalt tool deals. Lastly, DeWalt has some Pro-focused specials as well. Check out the full line-up of free DeWalt tools and discounts:

  • 5% OFF purchase of two TSTAK storage items, 10% OFF purchase of three with promo code STORAGE
  • REVIEW TO WIN a storage organizer set valued at $199.97
  • SAVE UP TO $50 on purchase of select bare tools
  • SAVE UP TO $300 on purchase of select tools
  • FREE FlexVolt Advantage bare tool with purchase of select FlexVolt kit
  • FREE BARE TOOL with purchase of select bare tool
  • FREE LIGHT PACKAGE with purchase of two select 20V lights
  • FREE FlexVolt 6Ah battery with purchase of FlexVolt 2-tool kit
  • NEW LOWER PRICING on purchase of select cordless bundles
  • FREE reciprocating saw with purchase of drill and driver kit
  • 12V Xtreme deals
  • Battery deals

Best Makita Tool Deals

Makita EK7651H 4-Stroke Power Cutter Logo

From free batteries to special deals on 18V LXT cordless power tools, check out the Makita tool deals going on over at Acme Tools. You can even save yourself $100 while picking up 2 free batteries when you purchase a select circular saw kit. Here’s a list of current deals we think you won’t want to pass up:

  • FREE 5Ah BATTERY with purchase of select bare tool
  • $10 OFF select $50 purchases of Makita woodworking items
  • FREE 5Ah battery with purchase of select brushless kits
  • FREE 5Ah BATTERY with purchase of select OPE bare tool
  • FREE 5Ah battery with purchase of select sub-compact kit
  • FREE 5Ah battery and impact wrench with purchase of select rotary hammer kit
  • FREE bare tool with purchase of plunge saw and guide rail
  • DISCOUNTS on cordless tools
  • FREE 5Ah battery with purchase of 2 select bare tools
  • FREE impact wrench with purchase of select rotary hammer
  • FREE 2-pack of batteries with purchase of select rotary hammer
  • FREE impact driver kit with purchase of 2 select HEPA hammer drills

Milwaukee Tools Deals and Discounts

Milwaukee M18 Fuel Deep Cut Band Saw Fuel Logo

Acme Tools runs deals on Packout systems and even provides general tool discounts. For example, you can pick up a free tool or battery when you purchase a select M18 combo kit or battery. The current line-up of Milwaukee Tools Deals and Discounts includes the following:

  • BUY MORE SAVE MORE: $30 off select $299 purchase, $80 off select $399 purchase, $150 off select $499 purchase
  • PACKOUT options available
  • FREE ITEM with purchase of select M18 FUEL kit up to $149 value
  • FREE ITEM with purchase of select M12 FUEL kit
  • FREE BATTERY with purchase of select battery up to $99 value
  • Lighting DEALS
  • FREE BATTERY with purchase of select M18 combo kit up to $129 value
  • 20% OFF select M18 kits with purchase of $25 in select accessories
  • 2 FREE ITEMS with purchase of select M18 4-piece or 6-piece combo kit up to $248 value
  • 15% OFF purchase of select tapes
  • E-REBATES on select equipment
  • FREE ITEM with purchase of select M12 kits

Bosch Tool Deals and Savings

Bosch RH1255VC 2-Inch SDS-Max Rotary Hammer Logo

You can get some of the best Bosch tool deals online if you know where to look. The company currently has 20% off select Bosch purchases of $100 or more with the BOSCH20 promo code. They also have $50 off select lasers and tons of discounts on select Bosch core cordless tools and more. Shop vacs even get into the game with $50 off select models. If you need a basic Bosch router table—they have you covered there, too.

Check out the latest Bosch deals:

  • FREE BATTERY with purchase of select new ProFactor 18V cordless tools
  • $30 OFF select $150 purchase of oscillating tools and accessories
  • $25 OFF purchase of select lasers
  • 18V deals
  • 12V deals
  • Woodworking deals
  • Concrete and Dustless solution DEALS
  • UP TO 70% OFF purchase of select line lasers

More Deals You Don’t Want to Miss Out On!

Clearance Tools

These represent tools that might be getting replaced by newer models. Typically, that gives you a chance to get a really great deal on a tool that might only be seeing some minor improvements to ergonomics or power. Saving $100 and losing 100 inch-pounds of torque might not be a bad exchange!

Check Out Last-Minute Deals

Whenever you see last-minute, hot, or smokin’ deals you might save a bundle on a manufacturer making room for new inventory. They also may simply have ordered too many from the factory. In either case, you typically make out really well when a company discounts a particular tool or line.

Tool Rebates and Promotions

Don’t write off tool rebates. These special deals bank on the fact that you won’t go through the trouble of signing up online or mailing in a form to get a discount on a tool. In reality, most tool rebates are simple and quick to execute—and you end up saving a bundle on a bare tool or a tool kit with batteries.

Why Do We Post Tool Deals?

As our site indicates, we’re all about the tradesman. If we’ve learned anything over the years, it’s that cordless power tools (in particular) constantly get updated and improved. That means last year’s top recommendation might be this year’s bargain.

With that in mind, we also make a small amount of money when you click on an affiliate link—like the ones in this article—and buy a tool. That helps us to continue doing what we love and providing great, free content for our readers. The great thing is that it doesn’t affect your price—retailers pay these commissions right out of their profits. You still get the lowest possible price.

We’ll keep these deals as up-to-date as possible as we see new online deals from our partners at Acme Tools. This includes adding any free tool and free battery promotions, coupons, and discounts throughout the month. Check back often or consider bookmarking this page if you want the latest power tool deals and discounts. We also have pages set up for each manufacturer if you just want to focus on a single brand.

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