Professional Tool Reviews for Pros

Wrenches, Drivers, Pliers & Socket Reviews

In this section we provide reviews of screwdrivers, pliers, drivers and wrenches. We’ve also reviewed larger systems like the Sonic Tools S10 toolbox and the new GearWrench air impact wrenches. Our reviews also include specialty tools like the Ridgid telescoping basin wrench and the Milwaukee Cheater pipe wrench. Of course, socket sets make up part of the mix as well. Drivers and Wrenches on the Jobsite While at first you won’t think about sockets on a construction jobsite, the truth is there’s a lot of crossover. From driving lag bolts to performing maintenance on OPE equipment, sockets and wrenches play an important role. Drivers and wrenches take on a particularly important role when you factor in the needs of electricians. We try, whenever possible to draw distinctions between commonly-popular features and those particularly relevant to electricians. Case in point: the use of insulated screwdrivers for high voltage or similar applications.

Channellock shows off new CODE BLUE Screwdrivers

Channellock Code Blue Screwdriver Set

Channellock introduced 23 new and improved screwdrivers and nutdrivers to their CODE BLUE line. The new tools are loaded with functionality and are manufactured to the same standards as the rest of CHANNELLOCK lines of tools. And they are BLUE, boy are they Blue. We wonder if someone over there isn’t a closet Florida Gator […]

Malco Redline Handle Tools

Malco Redline Hand Tools for HVAC Pros

Malco recently launched their new Redline Handle group of hand tools. Redesigned in response to trade professionals out in the field, Malco updated their already extensive line of metal working and siding hand tool to offer better grips and other improvements.

Leatherman Wave Multitool 3

Leatherman Wave Multitool Review

If you haven’t heard of Leatherman you are definitely new to tools or have never aspired to be a Boy Scout. The popular multitool company has made one of the most well-recognized one-tool-does-all inventions in the industry and has only expanded upon its initial offerings. The new Wave tool from Leatherman offers an almost unbelievable assortment of goodies to the handyman – pliers, saw, screwdrivers, scissors, knife, cutters, file… You name it, the Wave has it!

Irwin quick adjusting wrench

Irwin Quick Adjusting Wrenches Review

A Metric Adjustable Wrench? That’s right up there with a muffler bearing removal tool… or so we thought. Like many of the recent Irwin branded tools we have seen, this one definitely delivers. With professional quality, reasonable pricing, and great features, the Irwin Quick Adjusting Wrenches are a great new spin on a classic product!

Black & Decker Automatic Adjustable Wrench

Black & Decker Automatic Adjustable Wrench

For those who have everything there is always the automatic adjustable wrench. This product makes it easy to quickly adjust the jaws without having to remove the wrench from a tight space. Just activate the button and the AA battery-powered wrench will open as wide as 1-1/4 inches to accommodate even some of the largest bolts you’re likely to encounter around the house.

Workforce 74pc Screwdriver and Pliers Set

Workforce 74pc Screwdriver and Pliers Set

Workforce, like Husky, Pegasus and Hampton Bay, is a Home Depot house brand that manufactures everything from shelves to screwdrivers. Their 74 piece screwdriver and pliers set is a good purchase for hobbyists and do-it-yourselfers, but not such a great bargain for the serious tool user as quality tends to suffer over the long haul and with extended or hard use.