Impact Driver & Wrench Reviews & Buying Guides

We spend hundreds of man-hours testing the best cordless impact drivers and the best cordless impact wrenches through rigorous hands-on objective testing. We also review pneumatic impact wrenches which still play a huge role in the automotive tools market. On the cordless side, our tests cover 12V, 18V, 20V, 36V, and 40V impact drivers and wrenches. All tools we review go through our torque testing rig so we can rank them in their respective categories. We know you already likely have your favorite tools. However, while you may have your favorite “color” or brand, Pro Tool Reviews helps you understand how that tool actually performs against the competition. Our cordless impact driver and impact wrench reviews avoid bias by using standardized testing procedures. Plus, we not only test power, but also look at run-time, vibration, ergonomics, price, and value. After all, the best impact driver or wrench for one Pro, mechanic, or tradesman may not be the same for another.

DeWalt DW059HK-2 18V Cordless XRP Impact Wrench Preview

DeWalt DW059HK-2 18V XRP Impact Wrench Preview

DeWalt has some pretty powerful impact drivers and wrenches, but their new DW059HK-2 18V XRP NiCd Impact Wrench with Hog Ring Anvil is nearly twice as strong as their existing DC821KA 1/2″ Impact Wrench. The DW059HK-2 was designed from the ground up as a brand new tool that could hold up to (and thrive in) extremely high-torque applications. We’re talking the stuff undertaken by real pros, be they mechanics, contractors, plumbers, or maintenance professionals. The wrench can also be purchased as a standalone tool (model number DW059HB) for those who don’t need a battery or charger.

Makita 18V LXDT01 Brushless Motor Impact Driver Kit Preview

Makita LXDT01 18V Brushless Impact Driver Kit Preview

Makita has just released its newest 18V LXT product, the Lithium-Ion Cordless 3-Speed Brushless Motor Impact Driver. That’s a mouthful, but the name is also incredible informative. First off, you know it’s a Makita, so it’s built by pros, for pros. On top of that, it utilizes a brushless motor – and that really brings the level of build quality and power capability to a new level. Brushless motor technology has proven to provide a ton more usable torque in tools like hammer drills and impact drivers and wrenches. While brushless technology isn’t new, even for Makita, the company’s new LXDT01 impact driver is built to be both powerful and efficient. So efficient, in fact, that it gets up to 20% longer battery life per charge.

Rockwell RK1001K2 12V Drill & Impact Driver Combo Kit Review

Rockwell RK1001K2 12V Drill and Impact Driver Combo Kit Review

In our testing and review of the Rockwell RK1001K2 12V Drill & Impact Driver Combo Kit, we found it to offer a good combination of both value and performance. With a myriad of different manufacturers coming out with 12V lithium-ion powered cordless tools it can be hard to determine what ones are the best to pick. If you are on the market for a 12V lithium-ion combo set, we think that the Rockwell RK1001K2 Drill and Impact Driver Combo Kit is worth a look. These tools offer performance that is comparable to many leading brands and, as a bonus, they come with a full three year warranty and a program where they offer free replacement batteries for life if you register your tools.

Craftsman 17562 NEXTEC 12V Right Angle Impact Driver Review

Craftsman 17562 NEXTEC 12V Right Angle Impact Driver Review

Removing or driving fasteners in cramped spaces is easy with the new Craftsman 17562 NEXTEC 12V Right Angle Impact Driver thanks to its compact head size of only 3-1/2″ and 700 in-lb of torque. This handy tool comes with lithium-ion battery power, a variable-speed trigger, 1/4″ hex quick chuck and a compact size that will surely make it one of the go-to tools in your collection. The engineers at Craftsman did a fantastic job of combining the functionality of a right angle drill with an impact driver. The Craftsman 17562 NEXTEC 12V Right Angle Impact Driver represents what might be an industry first with their design and from what we can tell, they engineered a great tool. This impact driver proved to be very versatile when working in cramped spaces and for some projects it’s a must.

Porter Cable PC18ID 18V Lithium Impact Driver Review

Porter Cable PC18ID 18V Lithium Impact Driver Review

Impact drivers are the new drill. While we don’t recommend them for actual drilling – not into hardwood, at least – the Impact Driver has become the go-to tool for most homeowners looking to reduce fatigue and stress when driving screws. The tools, like Porter Cable’s PC18ID 18V Impact Driver, are extremely compact as well – allowing for more maneuverability than many drills with standard chucks. At just under $80, it also presents itself as an incredible value – especially if you’re already in possession of the lithium-ion batteries and charger required to power this tool.

DeWALT DCK211S2 12V MAX Cordless Drill and Impact Driver Kit Review

DeWalt DCK211S2 12V MAX Cordless Drill and Impact Driver Kit Review

The DeWALT DCK211S2 12V MAX Cordless Li-Ion Drill/Driver and Impact Driver Kit seems pretty good, but they are a long time in coming and we were eager to see if these new 12V tools were worth the wait. These new tools come at a time when some other manufactures are already coming out with their second generation 12V tools. Having owned a construction company that had a lot of DeWalt tools on our job sites, a certain amount of brand loyalty had us holding out for these and we were excited to dive in and see how these new offerings from DeWalt sized up.

Bosch PS41-2A 12V Lithium-Ion Impact Driver Review

Bosch PS41-2A 12V Impact Driver Review

The first generation of Bosch’s 12V line of tools was impressive, but the fact that just about three years later they released a third generation impact driver means that they are coming after the market with a vengeance. The case in point would be the brand new PS41-2A Impact Driver. For this review I was able to solicit the second-gen PS40-2A from a friend and therefore face off the newer model against its predecessor. The results definitely proved that the new impact driver didn’t just get smaller, it got more powerful – as the revised specs indicate.