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Our test and measurement reviews address those products suitable for electrical and mechanical evaluation and testing. When diagnosing systems and components, these tools are invaluable. They must also have the features and durability to work well on the jobsite. We review electrical tools like circuit testers, multimeters, clamp meters, video inspection cameras, IR thermometers, and more. Our goal is to help electricians know which tools will get the job done quickly. We test and evaluate all of the most recent and popular tools from Klein Tools, Southwire, Greenlee, FLIR, and others. This lets us reveal which tools perform at better-than-average levels. Test and Measurement Reviews in the Field It may sound odd to be “testing” test and measurement tools, however manufacturer specifications only tell part of the story. The newest smart multimeters are using Bluetooth technology, and even circuit breaker finders and clamp meters are getting smarter. Rather than rely on manufacturer specs and marketing materials, Pro Tool Reviews determines whether productivity features are beneficial or just marketing.

DeWalt DCT414S1 12V MAX Infrared Thermometer Kit Review

DeWalt DCT414S1 12V MAX Infrared Thermometer Kit Review

The DeWalt DCT414S1 12V MAX Infrared Thermometer Kit is a great addition to DeWalt’s compact 12V lineup. This tool will be a great asset to the electrical, plumbing, and especially HVAC (air mechanical) tradesmen. Infrared thermometers provide safe, easy and accurate non-contact temperature readings which are ideal under hazardous conditions and for hard to reach objects. The DeWalt Infrared Thermometer has good ergonomics, making it easy to handle. The laser is bright and can easily be seen under nearly any lighting condition. With a wide temperature range of -20º F to 932º F, most users should find this more than adequate for most situations. The green backlit LCD screen is easy to read in both bright sunlight and in the dark. There are three programmable alarms, both audio and patent-pending LED lights. The infrared comes with a nice hard case, one battery, a 40-minute charger and an instruction leaflet.

Amprobe PK-100R Electrical Test Kit Review

Amprobe PK-100R Electrical Test Kit Review

Some people have extensive electrical test and measurement devices on-hand, ready to go at a moment’s notice. But there is the homeowner who doesn’t need all that much – and why spend more than you have to to get a basic kit that can handle light-duty testing for live power and ensuring that the outlet […]

Milwaukee True RMS Fork Meter 2205-20 Review

Milwaukee True RMS Fork Meter 2205-20 Review

When we first set eyes on the Milwaukee 2205-20 Fork Meter, we thought it was a quaint tool – but its compact size is in stark contrast to its impressive feature set. Turns out, this is a rugged compact CAT IV electricians tool that has lots of great features, not the least of which are an integrated LED work light and reverse white-on-black LCD display. After using it over the past few weeks, we’ve come to appreciate its convenience and size as well as the way it makes one-handed measurements both possible and practical.

Milwaukee True-RMS Clamp Meter 2237-20

Milwaukee True RMS Clamp Meter 2237-20 Review

In my time I’ve used a lot of meters. Ever since my first home, I’ve installed enough circuits and cabling to rewire half a city block. I’ve had a trusty Fluke meter for some time as well as a number of generic voltmeters and such that have done the job sufficiently, albeit with varying degrees […]

Amprobe Electrical Test and Measurement Tools Now at Lowes

Amprobe Electrical Test and Measurement Tools Now at Lowes

Electrical test and measurement tools from Amprobe, a leading brands of tools for professional electricians, contractors and facility maintenance technicians, are now available for the first time at Lowe’s. Amprobe’s easy-to-use, handheld electrical test and measurement tools let pros quickly determine the source of problems with electrical systems as well as heating, ventilation and air […]

DeWalt Releases HVAC Code Reference for HVAC Pros

DeWalt HVAC Code Reference for Pros

DeWalt announced the release of the DeWalt HVAC Code Reference: Based on the International Mechanical Code. Employing the codes established by the International Code Council (ICC), this book is designed to help HVAC professionals understand and comply with complicated code requirements. This detailed reference manual is extremely useful for those working on critical HVAC functions, […]

DeWalt 12V Thermal Imager Kit DCT416S1 Preview

DeWalt 12V Thermal Imaging Kit DCT416S1 Preview

Near the end of 2010, DeWalt announced its first 12V MAX Infrared (IR) Thermometer, the DCT414S1. As the company continues to expand its 12V MAX cordless platform, they went all out on the mac-daddy model, the DCT416S1. Half IR thermometer, half thermal imager, it’s been engineered to go far beyond to display both visual and thermal images on the integrated full-color LCD screen. You can even blend the images together in order to really pinpoint an issue. This is very handy when troubleshooting electrical panels or heating and cooling leaks. It’s certainly a much more advanced product, and one that is going to turn some heads.

Ryobi Tek4 RP4030 Professional Infrared Thermometer Review

Ryobi RP4030 Infrared Thermometer Review

The Tek4 4V Professional Infrared Thermometer delivers a constant readout of temperatures ranging from below 0 to over twice the boiling point of water. We found that this tool is most accurate when you are less than 2 meter from your target, but the tool can also measure from quite a distance away. The key to using it correctly is to understand that it has a 10:1 spot-to-distance ratio, so the closer you are, the smaller your measurement sample and the less it will be affected by the surrounding air temperature. This is an incredibly handy tool, especially for air mechanical inspectors and installers.

Ryobi RP4020 Tek4 Professional Digital Multimeter Review

Ryobi RP4020 Digital Multimeter Review

This is by far the most sophisticated of the tools available currently in the Tek4 lineup. The Professional Digital Multimeter (RP4020) can measure AC/DC current and voltage, resistance, capacitance, and can check the forward voltage drop of a diode. It can test for continuity and has an internal speaker to give tones when buttons are pressed (and to indicate continuity). The voltmeter adheres to the Tek4 gray/green styling and includes an aluminum-style faceplate that is inset into the front of the unit, surrounding the mode selection dial, LCD screen and buttons. On the back side, the Tek4 Digital Multimeter sports a kickstand and a flip out “Convenience Hook” that lets you hand the meter off of conduit or any other material with a slight lip. We also enjoyed the built in probe holders, which secured the probes perfectly when they were wrapped vertically around the entire meter and left connected.

Black and Decker TLD100 Thermal Leak Detector

Black and Decker TLD100 Thermal Leak Detector Review

The new Black & Decker TLD100 Energy Saver Series Thermal Leak Detector is a great way for consumers to help reduce their home’s energy consumption and save money by finding and fixing thermal leaks. Conserving energy and improving your home’s efficiency are what Black Decker is really focused on with their new easy to use Energy Saver Series of tools.