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Manufacturer: Southwire

Our Southwire tool reviews put the new Southwire Made in America hand tools in the hands of professional electricians. We also cover their more sophisticated products. These include the Southwire LED string lights, releasable cable ties, and Southwire 600MCM ratcheting cable cutter. We aim to capture the pro journeyman electrician’s take on how these tools perform on the job. We do head-to-head testing and also test the features and functions of cutters, crimpers, and wire strippers. Our Pros also tell you exactly what you need to know. More and more of Southwire tools get manufactured in America each year. As a result, we’re seeing an increased interest from professional tradesmen who want them in their tool bags. Southwire Tool Reviews for Journeyman Electricians The Southwire tools below encompass everything you’ll likely use as an electrical worker. We cover everything from cable pullers to conduit benders and LED low bay lights.

Review9.6(out of 10)
Southwire SIMPush Conduit Fitting

Southwire SIMPush Push-to-Install Conduit Fittings

Southwire SIMPush Conduit Fittings Make EMT Connections Easy If you find that you’ve grown weary of the more traditional methods of installing conduit fittings, Southwire now has SimPush Push-To-Install fittings available for when you’re working on a variety of install environments. Pros Super-fast and simple press-in connection that requires no tools Reusable (tested up to […]

Southwire Sumner Knock Down Stor Mac caged cart

Southwire Sumner Knock Down Stor Mac

Sumner Creates a Collapsible Cart for High Visibility Sumner, now a subsidiary of Southwire Tools released the Knock Down Stor Mac caged cart. Similar in build and design to the brand’s Stor Mac, the Knock Down Stor Mac still provides a secure, visible, and mobile tool storage solution. It just quickly collapses or assembles in […]

Southwire Two Shelf Utility Carts

Southwire Two Shelf Utility Carts

Transport Your Materials Around the Site with Quickness and Efficiency Southwire has two Two Shelf Utility Carts available to streamline your tool and material organization and transportation around the job site. Matching in height, Southwire made a large and small version to handle a variety of tasks. Southwire Two Shelf Utility Cart Features You wouldn’t […]

Review9.5(out of 10)
Southwire Surge Guard 50A 34951

Southwire Surge Guard 50A – Model 34951

The Southwire Surge Guard 50A provides a fortress of protection for your RV’s electronics—and inhabitants. It protects against both inconsistent power delivery and power surge events at the site. I’ve been using it to monitor the service and protect my Highland Ridge Open Range 427BHS fifth wheel RV. Pros Total protection with both line and […]

Madison Electric Company Acquired by Southwire

Southwire Adds Madison Electric To The Family Madison Electric, a company focused on “new attitudes, new processes, and new procedures,” revealed that they’ve joined forces with Southwire Electric. This jibes well for all of us since Southwire’s mission revolves around improving “professional trades by transforming construction methods through innovative products and solutions.” With Madison Electric […]

Southwire Made in AmericaScrewdriver Set

Southwire Made in America Screwdriver Set | SDSET08US

Southwire Covers Your Screwdriving Bases With 8-Piece Set For a set of screwdrivers that covers all of the commonly found screws in jobsite applications, and which is made locally, check out the Southwire Made in America Screwdriver Set (SDSET08US). A Screwdriver for Every Occasion The Southwire Made in America Screwdriver set comes with 8 drivers […]

Southwire Made in America Romex Stripper | SNM1214HH-US

Southwire Adds Box Jaw Romex Stripper to Made in America Line Rather than having to try to work a knife or a standard set of strippers awkwardly into an electrical panel box, Southwire’s patent-pending Box Jaw Wire Stripper lets you comfortably and safely strip Romex flush against the back of the panel box. It gives […]

Southwire LED Rechargeable Worklight

Southwire 2000-Lumen Rechargeable LED Work Light Hands-On Review

Small Southwire Work Light Casts Big Illumination We can’t ever seem to get enough worklights. With LEDs being so inexpensive and useful, it doesn’t look like we need to curb our addiction anytime soon. The Southwire Rechargeable LED Work Light makes a great addition to our ever-expanding collection of lights. It’s small enough to carry […]

Southwire Rechargeable LED Headlamp

Southwire Rechargeable LED Headlamp Hands-On Review | 120-Lumens

Southwire Rechargeable LED Headlamp Stays Comfortable and Compact We use headlamps frequently around here. We particularly like the ones we can simply throw on a charger at the end of the day and not worry about keeping a constant supply of AAA batteries. Southwire recently released the HL12RSW Rechargeable LED Headlamp. With its lithium polymer […]

Southwire 7-in-1 Multi Tool Plier

Southwire 7-in-1 Multi Tool Pliers S7N1HD

Southwire 7-in-1 Multi Tool Pliers Brings Robust Multi-Function Design to Electricians The new Southwire 7-in-1 Multi Tool Pliers pulls together seven common electrician functions to help save you time and space. The Southwire S7N1HD is another one of their heavy-duty forged designs in the same vein as their forged Romex and forged wire strippers. This […]