October 22, 2021

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Southwire Two Shelf Utility Carts

Southwire Two Shelf Utility Carts

Transport Your Materials Around the Site with Quickness and Efficiency

Southwire has two Two Shelf Utility Carts available to streamline your tool and material organization and transportation around the job site. Matching in height, Southwire made a large and small version to handle a variety of tasks.

Southwire Two Shelf Utility Carts

  • Small and Large Carts
  • Both carts have 550-lb. load capacity
  • Non-marking 5″ casters
  • Handle includes built-in storage for small items
  • Available: TBA
  • Price: TBA

Southwire Two Shelf Utility Cart Features

You wouldn’t think that one composite cart would be better or different than another, and perhaps you’d be right. But, we’re going to tell you about what the Southwire Two Shelf Utility Carts have going for them anyway.

First up—it has a drink holder. Now that that’s out of the way…

Southwire Two Shelf Utility Carts

You have the option between a large and a small model. The larger size punches in at 46.75″W x 25.5″L while the smaller size measures 40.7″W x 16.9″L. Both models stand (or roll) 33.5″ tall.

Capacity and Casters

Both of the Southwire Utility Carts can carry up to 550-lbs—their load capacity. They both also include non-marking 5″ caster wheels for easy mobility around concrete floors. We’ve seen similar plastic and composite carts from other manufacturers. Some of those lesser-expensive models include smaller 4-inch caster wheels.

Finally, both of these carts feature handles that include built-in storage for nuts, bolts, screws, and other small items.

Concluding Thoughts

Plastic composite two-shelf carts may not be the most fascinating tool in your arsenal. However, they come in handy when lugging around wire spools, tool bags, and a Southwire XD-1 circuit puller. In that case, a commercial electrician would be well-served to have one of these in his work van or truck.

To date, Southwire has been a little shy about when the Two Shelf Utility Carts might become available. They’ve also been less than forthcoming about how much we can expect to pay for one of these bad boys. We’ve seen these types of composite carts range anywhere from $150 to over $400 each. Regardless, we feel reasonably confident that these carts fall under the company’s 5-year warranty plan. If we ever find out anything more concrete, we’ll update this section.

Southwire Two Shelf Utility Cart Specs

Large Utility CartSmall Utility Cart
Height33.5 in.33.5 in.
Width46.75 in.40.7 in.
Length25.5 in.16.9 in.
Weight45 lbs.33 lbs.
Load Capacity550 lbs.550 lbs.
Warranty5 years5 years

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