Southwire Maxis XD-1 Circuit Puller

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Pulling wire with a fish tape is one thing. Pulling branch home runs is another. For the kind of pulls that require more than just the muscles God gave you, there’s the new Southwire Maxis XD-1 Circuit Puller.

10-Second Summary

  • 600 lbs constant pull force
  • 1000 pounds peak pull force
  • Attaches to an 18V/20V Max drill (1000+ in-lbs torque recommended)
  • One-person set up and use
  • MSRP: ~$1500

Mechanical wire pullers aren’t new, but they’re big and expensive. The Southwire Maxis XD-1 Circuit Puller plugs the gap between hand pulling and a large puller. It gives you 600 pounds of continuous pull force and up to 1000 pounds of peak pull force.

It works by connecting to an 18V/20V Max drill. Most any model will work, but you’ll get the best results by going with a model that has at least 1000 inch-pounds of torque. Obviously, you’ll want to use it in low speed so you’re getting the most torque from it.

When you can butt up to your conduit, you can set it right up against it and let the end rest there. But commercial installs aren’t always that easy to access, and you can use any length of 1-inch rigid conduit to extend your reach.

The entire assembly weighs just 8 pounds without the drill, so it really is easy for one person to manage it. The capstan has a polyline pin to keep your line from slipping and the capstan itself is removable to make removing that line easier. There’s also a 3/4-inch threaded receiver in case you want to use a monopole.

Here are a couple of other highlights:

  • Anodized construction resists corrosion
  • Chuck adapter is field replaceable

Southwire Maxis XD-1 Circuit Puller Common Applications

  • Low voltage runs
  • Branch home runs
  • Lighting cables
  • Small circuit sized wire

With a price around $1500, this isn’t a cheap accessory targetting a one-man residential electrician. It’s more for the commercial Pros looking to make their crew more efficient. The ROI is going to be much greater in commercial and industrial environments.

Southwire has a video of the XD in action. No marketing, just a real-world example of what it’s like.

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