Hilti Nuron USB Jobsite Charger Adapter CU 4-22

Hilti USB Jobsite Charger

Never Worry About Your Phone Dying Again With The Hilti USB Jobsite Charger

Few things annoy us more than our phone dying in the middle of the workday. Whether listening to music, making business calls, or simply traveling between jobsites—at some point, everyone has had a close call with their phone’s battery life. This is where the Hilti USB Jobsite Charger comes in handy.


  • Compact design
  • Multiple charging options
  • Compatible with all Hilti Nuron B 22 batteries
  • Built in LED flashlight


  • No significant drawbacks

Using The Hilti USB Jobsite Charger

Hilti USB Jobsite Charger
  • USB-A Output: 18W
  • USB-C Output: 65W
  • Wireless Charging Output: 10W

The Hilti CU 4-22 turns any Nuron battery into a portable power bank, so you can quickly recharge your devices on the go. It features two USB ports, allowing you to fast charge multiple devices at the same time. The USB-A port delivers up to 18 watts of power, while its USB-C counterpart produces a blazing 65 watts.

Hilti USB Jobsite Charger

This unit also features a 10 watt wireless charging pad if you don’t have a cord on hand. While the USB ports are capable of rapid charging your devices, the wireless pad is not. Personally, I like the convenience of wireless charging because I don’t have to mess with any cords, especially when my hands are dirty.

Hilti USB Jobsite Charger

There’s also a small LED light that essentially converts any Hilti Nuron battery into a convenient flashlight or work light, depending on your needs.

Hilti USB Jobsite Charger Design Notes

Hilti USB Jobsite Charger
  • Model: Hilti CU 4-22
  • Power Source: Hilti Nuron battery
  • Weight: 9 oz.
  • Dimensions (LxWxH): 4.75 x 2.6 x 1.6 in.

Size and Weight

This compact charger weighs in at a mere 9 ounces and measures 4.75 x 2.6 x 1.6 inches. Weight isn’t the biggest factor when talking about this style of charger, but size is a pretty big consideration for the sake of storage. It’s compact enough to fit comfortably in a truck center console, cramped toolboxes, or even a backpack for charging on the go.

Additional Features

  • Compatible with all Hilti Nuron batteries

Hilti USB Jobsite Charger Design Price

This compact charger retails for $54 and is available directly from Hilti. They back it with their standard 20-year limited warranty.

The Bottom Line

In keeping with Hilti’s style, this USB charger offers a no-frills, straightforward design that it both rugged and functional. The combination of size and capabilities makes it a perfect solution for traveling, the workshop, or on-location charging. Plus, the LED light is a nice bonus feature for lowlight or emergency situations.

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