Makita Diamond Blades for Cordless Saws

makita diamond blades for cordless saws

If there’s one thing I’ve learned about saw blades, there’s a lot more to them than cutting alone. Indeed, this is particularly the case in an age of battery-powered tools. So far this year, Makita has been hitting on all cylinders when it comes to releasing new products. Likewise, they’ve been doing their best to create innovative tools and accessories. Among the latter is Makita’s new series of Diamond Blades, which they designed specifically for cordless saws.

So, what can they do? And, what’s more, are they the right solutions for your needs? Let’s jump into the performance and design features and find out.

Makita Diamond Blades Performance and Design

As I mentioned, the main purpose of these new blades is to optimize the performance of both grinders and power cutters. However, it’s important to note that there are several types within the brand’s fleet.

Battery-Optimized Thin Kerf Diamond Blades

makita thin kerf diamond blades

According to Makita, the standout feature of these diamond blades is what they can do for battery performance. Available in diameters ranging from 4.5 to 14 inches, these rapier beasts should significantly enhance runtime.

Specifically, the thin kerf minimizes friction, resulting in cuts that are twice as fast. Furthermore, Makita tells us that you can expect to get about 80 extra cuts with these blades.

All-Cut Blades

makita all-cut diamond blades

Makita’s 14-inch All-Cut Diamond Blades tout the brand’s Turbo M-Notch segments for more aggressive material removal. And, like their Thin Kerf siblings, these blades result in faster cuts – up to 20%.

On top of that, Makita says that you’ll likely see a 60% longer lifespan.

Segmented Turbo Blades

makita segmented turbo blades

Finally, as their name implies, Makita’s Segmented Turbo Diamond Blades combine the speed of segmented and turbo variations. In addition to speed, you’ll likely also see increased durability.

According to Makita, these blades have 50% taller segments for a lifespan that’s four times longer than traditional units.

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Makita Diamond Blades Pricing and Selection

A variety of models and sizes comprise the Diamond Blade fleet. Below are links to get you started.

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