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Makita Premium Diamond Blades Dual Purpose

Makita Premium Diamond Blades Improve Performance and Life

Makita Premium Diamond Blades have a couple of major areas we see improvements and upgrades. On the material strength side, we’re looking at a new bond formulation for the premium quality diamonds. By improving the bonding, Makita is touting higher overall performance, with faster cutting as a practical result. The blades also move from 7mm […]

Bosch Premium Segmented Rim Diamond Blades

Bosch Premium Segmented Diamond Blades

Bosch 12- and 14-inch Bosch premium segmented rim diamond blades cut concrete and hard masonry materials. These blades deliver fast, efficient cutting thanks to a tensioned steel blade core and a high-quality diamond formulation. Each blade segment is laser-welded to the steel core, making blades with high mechanical strength and rigidity. Vibration and blade wobble is […]

Ox Professional PU10 Diamond Blades

OX Professional PU10 Diamond Blades

OX Professional PU10 Diamond Blades are in the mix as a hard materials cutting solution for the construction site. Like most diamond blades on the market, they cut a variety material such as granite, natural stone, bricks, metal, clay, concrete products, and virtually any other type of building materials. Sticker shock is not uncommon when it comes to diamond […]

Diamond Blades - Husqvarna Vari-Cut

How Diamond Blades Cut Concrete and Steel – Everything We Know

Understanding Diamond Blades is the Key to Realizing Their Value When building structures have to withstand the toughest elements, most tradesmen use concrete because it is versatile, durable, and economical. Concrete can be easily shaped and colored, and it is one of the safest building materials available. Concrete construction has been common practice since the […]