October 27, 2021

Professional Tool Reviews for Pros

Manufacturer: Southwire

Our Southwire tool reviews put the new Southwire Made in America hand tools in the hands of professional electricians. We also cover their more sophisticated products. These include the Southwire LED string lights, releasable cable ties, and Southwire 600MCM ratcheting cable cutter. We aim to capture the pro journeyman electrician’s take on how these tools perform on the job. We do head-to-head testing and also test the features and functions of cutters, crimpers, and wire strippers. Our Pros also tell you exactly what you need to know. More and more of Southwire tools get manufactured in America each year. As a result, we’re seeing an increased interest from professional tradesmen who want them in their tool bags. Southwire Tool Reviews for Journeyman Electricians The Southwire tools below encompass everything you’ll likely use as an electrical worker. We cover everything from cable pullers to conduit benders and LED low bay lights.

Southwire Screwdriver Expansion - Southwire SDR9N1

New Southwire Screwdriver and Nut Driver Solutions

Southwire is continuing their march into the electrical sector of the industry with more hand tools targeting professionals and tradesmen. A trio of new Southwire Screwdriver and Nut Driver solutions are making their way to store shelves as we speak. As Southwire continues to expand, we’re seeing more features that electricians are looking for like magnetic […]

Southwire 15190T MaintenancePRO Multi-meter

Southwire 15190T MaintenancePRO Multimeter Review

If you’re an electrician, your multimeter is like your Swiss Army knife. It handles most of what you need on the jobsite for verifying your work and troubleshooting issues. The Southwire 15190T MaintenancePRO multimeter aims to speed up the process of taking measurements as well as offer the convenience of remote control, recording, and reporting. The meter is […]

Yellow Jacket 5148 8-outlet power block

Yellow Jacket Metal Power Blocks Review

Two new Yellow Jacket metal power blocks came through our doors for review, and we liked the build quality of each right off the bat. The Yellow Jacket 2177N is a 4-outlet Metal power block that has a lighted switch, and the Yellow Jacket 5148 has 8-outlets and two USB ports with 2.4 A of power for your […]

Review8.6(out of 10)
Southwire 8-piece screwdriver set peg board

Southwire 8-piece Screwdriver Set SDSET8

The Southwire 8-piece screwdriver set includes eight different drivers. There are three slotted “cabinet” screwdrivers, two keystone slotted screwdrivers, two #2 Philips drivers, and a square (“Roberts” style) driver. While screwdrivers may not seem like an exciting tool to review (and indeed, for the most part they aren’t) there are some things to know about a tool you’re going […]

Review8.8(out of 10)
Southwire XT Mini stripper

Southwire XT Mini Stripper Review

If you’re working on electrical wiring, good strippers (not that kind!) can really save you some time. Southwire added two brand new products to its lineup for stripping wire. The new XTS-01 cable stripper is made for end and mid-span terminations up to 1000MCM or outside diameter sizes from 0.33″-1.284″. Both strippers work on THHN, XHHW, RHH, […]

Southwire RB1000 Bendstation use

Southwire RB1000 Bendstation Pro Rigid Workstation

The Southwire RB1000 Bendstation Pro Rigid Workstation is a mobile bending platform used for bending and working with rigid and IMC conduit in 3/4″ and 1″ trade sizes. This non-powered tool utilizes a ratcheting shoe with sufficient leverage for an average-sized operator to easily bend conduit. The Southwire Bendstation unit is mounted to a workstation allowing for an […]

Southwire Bi-Metal Holesaw Kit BMHSKIT9

Southwire Bi-Metal Holesaw Kit BMHSKIT9

Southwire has some new cutting tools, including a bi-metal hole saw kit that’s designed for fast cutting of metals like steel, aluminum, and brass as well as wood, plastic, and drywall. The kit includes 6 different hole saws ranging in size from 7/8-inch to 2-1/2 inches, and there are two mandrels including a 3/8-inch quick […]

Coleman Cable L1324 LED Power Light

Coleman Cable L1324 LED Power Light Review

It’s no secret that LED lights are replacing halogen on the jobsite. Right now you have two schools of thought—cordless and corded solutions—but both still involve LED as the new leader in jobsite lighting. Recently we received a small Coleman Cable L1324 LED power light for review and decided to check it out. We’ve found that […]

Coleman Cable Yellow Jacket Extension Cords

Yellow Jacket Extension Cords Review

When you need an extension cord, sometimes you just pick up anything that seems to do the job. The problem is, extension cords are like big long resistors, and they can heat up and draw precious current (and thus power) away from your tool if they’re not properly gauged (sized) to the task. Coleman Cable and […]