October 26, 2021

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Southwire Surge Guard 50A – Model 34951

Southwire Surge Guard 50A 34951
PTR Review
  • Pro Review 9.5

The Southwire Surge Guard 50A worked flawlessly to keep my RV powered, its electrical components protected, and my family safe from electrical fluctuations from RV sites' power pedestals. Its huge 4200 Joule surge protection, monitoring of other dangerous faults, and Bluetooth option make it the best device for peace of mind I've used.

Overall Score 9.5 (out of 10)

The Southwire Surge Guard 50A provides a fortress of protection for your RV’s electronics—and inhabitants. It protects against both inconsistent power delivery and power surge events at the site. I’ve been using it to monitor the service and protect my Highland Ridge Open Range 427BHS fifth wheel RV.


  • Total protection with both line and load monitoring
  • Huge 4200 Joules rating
  • Easy-to-understand digital interface
  • Simple installation and assisted removal with East-T-Pull cord handles
  • Optional Bluetooth LCD Display allows remote control of Surge Guard
  • Limited lifetime warranty


  • No significant downsides


The Surge Guard 50A is the total package of electrical protection for your RV. It analyses electrical activity from both sides of the power supply to ensure both the RV’s system and the people inside it are shielded from all manner of unsafe electrical conditions. It takes seconds to install and provides peace of mind thereafter.

Southwire Surge Guard 50A Installation

There are many great things about an RV site—the simplicity, the serenity—but a consistent power supply isn’t one of them. These fluctuations endanger not only your RV’s electrical components but can also expose you and your companions to a shockingly bad time. By its specs, the Southwire Surge Guard 50A looks like all I need to avoid an expensive and/or dangerous situation.

Surge Guard 50A Bluetooth LCD screen

In terms of benefit for the installation time, the Southwire Surge Guard 50A has to be one of the best devices on the market. In about fifteen seconds the device promises total protection. You simply plug the Surge Guard into the pedestal, plug your RV into the Surge Guard, and wait for the Surge Guard’s 10-second startup sequence.

Protection from What, Exactly?

If you’re new to RVs, you may wonder why you might need something like this. If you’re not electrically inclined, the list of dangerous situations that the Southwire Surge Guard 50A protects against might not sound that frightening. But take it from this journeyman electrician—it certainly should be!

Southwire 50A Surge Guard RV outlet

The Surge guard monitors voltage, amp draw, and frequency to protect against surges. It supports up to a whopping 4200 Joules of protection, in fact. It also checks for miswired pedestals, high neutral current, open ground, open neutral (line and load), elevated ground line current, low and high voltages (102V-132V), overheating receptacle, and reverse polarity. A 128-second reset delay is designed to save your AC compressor’s life, too!

My RV had consistent power throughout the review of the Southwire Surge Guard 50A. Moreover, I had peace of mind that my shelter was protected.

Fortress RV

The Southwire Surge Guard 50A is packed with other excellent features that will keep you fully powered.

First, it boasts an onboard LCD display of voltage and amps as well as an optional Bluetooth display that allows remote monitoring and control.

Southwire Surge Guard 50A LCD

The patented East-T-Pull handles fold out to assist with unplugging from the power pedestal as well as unplugging your RV from the Surge Guard. An anti-theft ring loops around the thick cable so you can install your own cable lock.

Southwire 34951 retainer

And the Southwire Surge Guard 50A even offers a Limited Lifetime Warranty.

Southwire Surge Guard 50A Price

The Southwire Surge Guard 50A offers peace of mind for your RV travels for less than $400. Add another $44 for the Southwire 40301 Wireless LCD Display. All-in-all, protecting the large investment of a fifth wheel RV should seem intuitive. Relying on a system from Southwire makes a lot more sense to us over trusting a generic product from a no-name manufacturer.

The Bottom Line

The Southwire Surge Guard 50A worked flawlessly to keep my RV powered, its electrical components protected, and my family safe from electrical fluctuations from RV sites’ power pedestals. Its huge 4200 Joule surge protection, monitoring of other dangerous faults, and Bluetooth option make it the best device for peace of mind I’ve used.

Southwire Surge Guard 50A Specifications

  • Model Number: 34951
  • Rated: 120/240V, 50A
  • Watts: 7200
  • Joules: 4200
  • Cord Gauge:6/3-8/1
  • Max Spike Current: 6,500A per MOV
  • Over/Under Voltage: Yes
  • Open Neutral Protection (Input): Yes
  • Elevated Ground Line Current Protection: Yes
  • Thermal Overheating Protection: Yes
  • Reverse Polarity Protection: Yes
  • Miswired Pedestal Indication: Yes
  • Open Ground Protection: Yes
  • Dangerous Current on Ground Wire Indication: Yes
  • Time Delay at Power Up (10 seconds): Yes
  • Weather Resistant: Yes
  • Price: $398 (Surge Guard), $44 (Southwire 40301 Wireless LCD Display)

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Hooked everything up to the camper. Showing 13amps on one line and zero on the other. Still have full power , and great voltage but … one line is reading zero??????

Majorloser David

The hardwired version is the best. No worries about getting stolen, damaged or forgotten at the campsite.

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