May 9, 2021

Professional Tool Reviews for Pros

Painting Tool Reviews

When you think of painting tool reviews you naturally come to airless sprayers. While that’s a core tool in this segment there are also drywall sanders, ladders, hoses, and other products. We checked out the Werner PD6210-4C fiberglass podium ladder as well as the Stanley Fatmax Professional Grade water hose. These tools help round out any painting professional’s tool set. Painting Tool Reviews for Pros We’ve covered tools like the Titan Impact 640 airless sprayer as well as materials like Behr Premium Plus Ultra paint. Cordless sprayers are also tested to see if they might serve well for fine finish work. As for airless sprayers, we test full systems as well as spray guns that claim to improve ergonomics on the job. As with any job that can interact with dangerous materials, lead paint topics will also fall under this category. Our painting tool reviews help you understand which tools are Pro and which are more consumer-based products.

Ryobi Duet FPR300 Power Paint System With Roller and Sprayer

Ryobi Duet FPR300 Power Paint System With Roller and Sprayer

The Ryobi Duet Paint System is a unique painting product. It provides an almost uncanny versatility in that you can use it as both a continuous roller and also as a finish sprayer. But it’s more than that. The system works such that two users can roll and do trim work simultaneously. I don’t know about you, but I always work with a partner when it comes to painting. It’s faster, and painting is more fun when you can both complain about the tedium. With Ryobi’s FLUID Technology you can place any standard 1 gallon container in the unit and the system will allow for continuous painting without refilling.

EPA lead paint rules

Prepare for New EPA Lead Paint Rules

There are only about five more months until the new EPA-inspired lead paint regulations take effect. Even with the date, contractors, and particularly remodelers, are still facing a bit of confusion on what the new rules mean, how they will be enforced, and how they differ from former rules regarding lead paint removal. As always, the government has made things more costly under the guise of “protecting” us from ourselves. Let’s discuss what the April 22nd deadline will mean to your company and how the Lead Renovation, Repair and Painting Program Rule will change the way you do business.

Wagner Spray Tech Recall

Wagner Spray Tech Recall of Control Spray Plus Paint Sprayers

Wagner Spray Tech Recalls Control Spray Plus Paint Sprayers Due to Electrical Shock Hazard. These units were sold at major chain home centers and hardware stores nationwide from August 2007 through April 2009. Consumers should stop using the recalled products immediately and should contact the Wagner customer service. Name of Product: Wagner Paint Sprayers Hazard: […]

Painting and Sealing Garage Floors

Painting and Sealing Garage Floors

If you’re not happy with the look of your current garage floor, you might want to consider adding a coat of paint. Paint can dress up even the dullest and oldest looking floors. However, painting the garage floor just isn’t the same as painting other surfaces. For one, a garage is subject to a lot more abuse and traffic than a typical floor. It also must be able to withstand dirt and even grease, something an interior is unlikely to see. Follow these steps for painting floor surfaces in the garage.

Grizzly H0800 1200W Heat Gun

Grizzly H0800 Heat Gun Preview

There’s only so much you can say about a heat gun. Primarily, the concerns are focused on ergonomics and temperature flexibility. The problem with this is that, while you can certainly pay more for a heat gun that offers infinitely flexible temperature controls, you can also just back the thing off or move it closer to adjust your temperature as needed. Technique, in this case, trumps technology.

Troy Bilt 020292 Pressure Washer Review

Troy Bilt Pressure Washer Review

The challenge was to find the least expensive, gas powered pressure washer available to us locally. Since these tend to be a little on the heavy side of things, we opted to forgo an on-line deal because of the shipping cost and to fulfill our need for instant purchase gratification.The Troy Bilt 020292 Pressure Washer fit the bill.

Caring for and Cleaning Paint Brushes

Caring for and Cleaning Paint Brushes

If you don’t want to have to buy a paint brush every time you paint, then it’s important to take care of the brushes you purchase. Doing so, will ensure a long life and repeated use for years to come. One thing most people don’t realize is that the package your brush came in can be used to help the brush retain its shape. Consider this before throwing away that resealable plastic or paper wrapper (ever wonder why it was resealable?).

choosing the right paintbrush

Choosing the Right Paint Brush for the Job

Anyone who has run out and bought the cheapest possible brushes for a paint job can testify that quality does matter. I can think of few worse feelings than being in a paint job and noticing streaks and/or bristle deposits all over my nice new project. When it comes time to pick up a paint brush, you should ask a few basic question to make sure you’re selecting the right tool (that’s right, we said “tool”).