October 18, 2021

Professional Tool Reviews for Pros

Tiling & Flooring Tool Reviews

We run into a lot of tile and flooring jobs. Consequently, our tiling and flooring tool reviews come with some experience. That means we help flooring Pros find things like the best cordless oscillating multi-tools. We also review key power tools like the Bosch TC10  tile saw and Ridgid 10-inch wet tile saw. More than that, however, we cover lots of hand tools. These help make quick work of flooring and tiling jobs. That may include Redbacks knee pads or materials like Pergo Outlast laminate flooring. Doing Tiling & Flooring Tool Reviews If you want to do tiling & flooring tool reviews, you have to involve the Pros who do it for a living. We have, on staff, guys who have run their own tiling companies. We also use other Pros out in the field who make their living doing residential and commercial tiling and flooring jobs. Put a new tool into the hands of a seasoned professional, and you find out quickly if it can hold up.

SMC Mastermind 3-inch Circular Saw Review

SMC Mastermind 3-inch Circular Saw Review

A 3-inch circular saw may seem like an odd tool, but if you’ve ever worked on wood flooring or wanted an easier way to cut floor tile, this is your Swiss Army knife. SMC Mastermind Tools has once again developed an innovative tool that combines several unique features into one tool that accomplishes several tasks quite well. We pulled out the Compact Precision 3″ Circular Saw to replace several bad pieces of heart pine flooring and were pleasantly surprised at how well it performed.

Powernail Model 50M Manual Floor Nailer

Powernail 50M Manual Floor Nailer

The Model 50M is a manual, single-blow nailer designed to use 18 gauge cleats. It is recommended for use on 3/8″, 1/2″ and 5/8″ tongue and groove flooring, as well as some 3/4″, exotic and solid wood flooring. The 50M uses a thinner 18 gauge cleat that is less likely to split the tongue on thinner woods and provides a reliable bond to the underlayment. This is a very robust nailer and it should do an incredible job at smaller jobs. We don’t recommend it for larger work over 300 sq. ft. as it will invariably produce lots of arm strain due to its reduced handle size and greater amount of required exertion over a pneumatic model.

How to Repair and Replace 0.75-inch Wood Flooring process -9

Wood Floor Care – How to Care for Wood Floors

Whether you just purchased a home with wood floors or you’ve recently decided to repair and replace wood flooring, you want to protect your investment. It’s important to learn a bit about proper wood floor care so you can protect and prolong the beauty of your wood floors. Regardless of what kind of hardwood you put down, […]

Chicago Electric Tile Saw

Chicago Electric Tile Saw Review

Ah, porcelain tile. Rugged. Dense. And we had just over 250 square feet of it to install… mostly on the walls… and half of it in a diamond pattern… with chair rail and decorative inserts. This was not a time to try out a wimpy saw. For this job, we chose a 2.5 HP 10-inch wet saw from Chicago Electric Power Tools. Chicago is sold almost exclusively through Harbor Freight – a name that will bring to mind visions of bargain-priced inexpensive Chinese tools in some. In others, the thought will drift to how long their no-name tools will last. In either case, we were able to pick up this 10-inch behemoth tile saw for less than $200 – not a bad deal if you’ve done any shopping around for full-sized tile saws.

Evolution RAGE 3 Sliding Miter Saw

Evolution RAGE 3 Sliding Miter Saw Review

Most do not think of a miter saw as a multipurpose tool, but that idea might change with the Evolution Power Tools RAGE3 10″ TCT Multipurpose Sliding Miter Saw which is a “material eating machine.” The saw claims the ability to cut steel, wood, aluminum, plastic and more. In fact they also boast that with their RAGE3 10″ diamond blade, this jack-of-all-trades tool can also cut tile, slate and other flooring and roofing materials. It’s an understatement to say that we wanted give this saw a workout!

Simple Man Products Spyder Scraper

Simple Man Products Spyder Scraper

What do you do when you have to take up a vinyl floor or remove tough adhesive off a surface? If you are like me, it usually involved getting down on hands and knees with a heavy-duty scraper or chisel. The reciprocating saw driven Simple Man Products Spyder Scraper is the new solution.

RYOBI WS730 7-inch Tile Saw

RYOBI WS730 7-inch Tile Saw

Perfect for tiling projects in and around the house, the Ryobi WS730 tile saw includes a 7-inch diamond cutting wheel, wheel wrench, hex key, rip guide, bevel block, end of cut reminder, splash guard and operator’s manual. Ryobi has a motto: “Pro Features, Affordable Prices”. Since this is the first overhead motor tile saw to be offered at under $200 they’ve certainly seem to be delivering.