Craftsman V20 Brushless RP Hammer Drill CMCD732

Craftsman V20 RP 20V Brushless Hammer Drill

Craftsman’s V20 Brushless RP Hammer Drill Outperforms Its Brushed Counterpart

The Craftsman CMCD732 V20 RP brushless hammer drill helps Craftsman users more clearly delineate the brand’s tools which use brushless motor technology. The “RP” designation stands for “Runtime and Performance.” This seems to be what Craftsman is aiming for with its RP line of power tools. We looked at the specs on this drill to see how it compares to both their previous brushed hammer drill and their Made-in-the-USA brushless hammer drill.

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Craftsman V20 Brushless Hammer Drill – The Big Deal

Craftsman claims the V20 RP hammer drill runs up to 26% longer than the brushed CMCD700 model. While that’s true, eagle-eyed consumers may note that their premium brushless drill remains the made-in-the-USA CMCD721.

Craftsman CMCD732B V20 RP 20V Brushless Hammer Drill

The Craftsman RP CMCD732 replaces the CMCD731 and adds updated branding and packaging. The speeds on the Craftsman RP hammer drill remain at 0-600 RPM or 0-1900 RPM. That drops 100 RPM off the top speed of the CMCD721 brushless hammer drill. Craftsman still continues to offer the same excellent 1/2-inch metal ratcheting chuck. These offer improved bit retention and you end up dropping fewer drill bits as a result of the chuck accidentally opening up on you.

Let’s look at several Craftsman hammer drills side by side to see where the RP CMCD732 falls in the lineup:

Speed (RPM)0-600/19000-600/19000-600/20000-350/1500
Hammering BPM32,30032,30035,70025,500
Weight (lbs.)
Torque (UWO)340340400280
Length8.0 in.8.0 in.7.75 in.9.1 in.
ManufacturedNot in the USANot in the USAUSANot in the USA
Retail Price$99$99$119$139 (kit)
The Craftsman RP CMCD732 replaces the CMCD731 with updated branding and packaging to help users more easily recognize it as a brushless tool.

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Craftsman V20 RP Hammer Drill

Our Thoughts

We reached out to Craftsman for some additional information. From their response and a survey of information available from the Craftsman and Lowe’s websites, the Craftsman V20 RP hammer drill simply rebrands the company’s CMCD731—making it easier to delineate their brushless RP line from their brushed tools.

Because of this, it looks like this RP hammer drill would make for a great prosumer product. Premium users will want the best hammer drill Craftsman currently has to offer. That means dropping an additional $20 and getting the CMCD721 (which is also a 1/4-inch shorter in length).

Additional Features

  • Brushless motor with 340 UWO
  • LED light on the front for visibility in dark places
  • Compatible with Versatrack Organization System (sold separately)


The Craftsman V20 RP Hammer Drill sells for $99. It is available both as a bare tool and as a kit, which includes two V20 CMCB202 2.0 Ah batteries, a V20 Lithium-ion charger, and a soft carrying bag. Craftsman backs your purchase with a 3-year warranty.


  • Model: Craftsman CMCD732B (bare) / CMCD732D2 (kit)
  • Weight: 2.5 lbs
  • Height: 8 inches
  • Width: 2 inches
  • Power output: 330 UWO
  • Chuck type: Keyless
  • Max RPM: 1900
  • Max BPM: 32,300
  • Maximum chuck size: 1/2-inch
  • Battery voltage: 20V max

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