Crescent Apex u-Guard Review Accessory Reviews

Crescent Apex u-Guard Review – Put an End to Common Callbacks!

Crescent Apex u-Guard Steps in to Save You Time and Money on Finish Work

Crescent Apex u-Guard driver bits and nutsetters are a finish crew’s new best friend. We know you take pride in your work, and leaving your client with the best result you can offer is a big deal. But all too often, the guys on your crew are rushing to get to 5:00 and call it a day.


When you’re wrapping up finish work like door hardware on a remodel or putting those last bolts in place on a show Harley, any little rub against material mars an otherwise perfect finish. Maybe your guys get away with it and you never know. Your discerning clients are going to call you back. It costs more than just time, the replacement parts also come off of your profit margin.

That where Crescent Apex u-Guard accessories come into play. They start with a quality bit and wrap a thermo-plastic urethane cover around it. It’s not just a no-mar coating, though. The cover still allows your bit to spin freely inside. When it comes into contact with other material, it provides a soft, rubberized cushion that prevents damage while letting the bit continue working.

Crescent Apex u-Guard Review

Since the cover rests against the material without moving, it gets more wear rolling around in your toolbox than it does in use. For the 1/4″ hex bits, there’s a good chance you’ll wear out the shank or tip long before you wear through the cover.

Crescent Apex u-Guard Review

Crescent Apex u-Guard Options

There’s a wide array of Apex u-guard accessories to choose from. Here’s a quick smattering of what’s available:

1/4″ Hex Shank Bits

  • #2 Phillips
  • #2 Phillips with ring magnet
  • #2 square
  • #2 square with ring magnet
  • 1/4″, 5/16″, 3/8″, 7/16″, and 1/2″ nutsetters
  • 3-piece nutsetter set (1/4″, 5/16″, 3/8″)
  • T25 Torx
  • T25 Torx with ring magnet
  • 1/4″ x 3″ bit holder
  • 1/4″ x 2-1/4″ bit holder
  • 30-piece set (reviewed)


Final Thoughts

For the construction applications we’re focusing on, Crescent Apex u-Guard bits do a fantastic job of helping us install hardware on finished material and surfaces with less risk of damage. They help even the greenest apprentice finish installs with high-quality results.

There are a ton of trades and applications for these accessories. Anytime you’re working against material that’s going to require more work if the bit shaft or side contacts nearby parts, u-Guard is the right choice.

Since rebranding the bits under Crescent Apex, you can now find these at your local Lowe’s and a few other retailers. The 30-piece set we reviewed runs $29.98.

Check out more information on Crescent’s website.

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Ric Harrison

I use the center spools from the dog waste bag rolls for the small jobs and various bits of different sized metal pipes with PVC tape on the end for bigger jobs.

Zach Boyd

I’ve used heat shrink tubing for this purpose. It’s a good alternative

Jimmy Riddle

Fantastically simple idea, very useful 👍👍